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 Snot in my nose?
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 How do I get relief from my allergies!?
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Mark J
How do I unplug my nose?
I should let you know that I have very bad allergies. Anyways, I have just grown use to breathing through my mouth because my nose is plugged 24/7. I have tried allergies pills and all types of nasal sprays (which work for maybe 15 minutes max) Most of the time it is just one Nostral that is plugged. What I notice is that when I sleep on left side with my left nostral down and my right nostal up my right nostral is unplugged and then when I reverse sides im sleeping on it changes so my left is unplugged. It is very weird, and happends very slowly. When I rub vaporub in my nose it helps for alittle while but not long. Any Ideas of what to do? I had my tonsils and adnoids cut out in hope that this might help but nothing worked.

Mrs H
I have this problem and so does my daughter. Sudafed works for me most of the time. You seem to have it worse than I do. When I get up from sleep it slowly clears. Have you tried a vaporizer? Do you know exactly what you are allergic to? There may be things in your house you need to get rid of. My daughter gets shots, has allergy pills and saline nose spray which is over the counter. If you haven't been to a doctor lately you should go. Even though you had your tonsils and adnoids out you could develop sinus pallops.

ursula k
Have you ever heard of a noasal netti or nose netti? they are shaped like a little teapot and you put warm salty water in them and tip your head to the side as to let the water go through one nostril and out the other one .It apparently clears out all the nasal passeges and it has been used for centuries.If you cant get your hands on one(I suggest going to a chemist) try looking it up on the internet through google.I know this sounds strange but it does exist and a lot of people swear by them.by the way they are actually called netti pots you can probably get them at a health food shop as well.

nose spray ?
or just stick your fingers up your nose and wishh that teh snot comes out of your nostrils onto your fingernailsz!

There's a few things you can do besides always taking your anti-histamine. I haven't tried it yet but nasal-crom is OTC now and its like a preventive of histamine, so after a day or so of using it your nose is desensitized. It only works while you're using it, though.

I'm wondering about the nasal sprays you've used before. A lot of people don't know that using decongestants is addictive. If you use sudifed or affrin for more then a few days then when you quit you'll be more congested then before.

Try the Breathe-right nasal strips. They are less expensive at Costco. They work great when I have the sleeping one-sided stuffiness. The sizes say small/ medium and large but really it is small, and medium/large. Try washing everything too, and get an air purifier and put it right next to your bed, they had one for $30 at Waly-world.

I never tryed t but i heard make soup or something and put hot sauces in it like a lot of it try it maybe it will work lol

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