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 Where do you go to get tested for allergies? And how long does it last? How much does it cost?
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 Itching in bed?
5 people in my house suffer from itching in bed. This is occuring in 2 rooms, and sometimes on the sofa downstairs. There are no bug bites, and not everyone is in the same family.

I ...

How do I get rid of my allegric reaction to humidity?
First of all, I'm not allergic to the sun.
I used to joke that I'm a vampire, but I found humidity is the catalyst not the sun.
In wintertime I have no problems.

During the summer, when I am outside for any period of time, my skin becomes very itchy.
Usually this involves my face, ears, neck and arms. Basically anything exposed.
My skin doesn't change its appearance (it doesn't break-out or blister, etc). It only turns red when I start scratching it (and the itch is really overwhelming).
Also, I don't go tanning. Though I always use sun-block if the need arises. Sun-block doesn't help with relieving the amount of itchiness.

So what can I do to to stop my allergic reaction?
It really makes summer no fun for me.

u do not

Go to an allergist!!! Use a dehumidifier inside. Maybe the sunblock you are using is causing the itching??? This happens to me, with certain sunblocks.

you can try taking Benydril or an anti-itch medication.
i would ask ur doctor if there is anything they can give you.
hope u feel better! =]

Allergy to humidity ... hm.

Do you have an aversion to being in the shower or bath, too?

You are allergic to pollen in the air.It's only in the summer.The little white pieces of fuss you see floating in the air.

I think it's called sun burn....lol

Are you sure it's humidity and not grass, dirt or pollen in the air? I've never heard of anyone being allergic to humidity before.

You might somehow be allergic to your own perspiration, though, and that could be caused by foods you eat or the soap you use and when you perspire, your skin reacts to it.

About the best thing you can do is move to west/southwest TX, NM or AZ where it is very dry. You will still perspire, though, so it would be interesting to see how you would do out there.

Good luck ~ allergies can be a bear

I don't think you can be allergic to the amount of water vapor in air...but see a dermatologist or allergist to see what about sun exposure causes your symptoms...

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