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i think my friend is
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 Peanut and seafood allergies...?
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 How can I tell if I have environmental allergies or just a simpy cold?
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 How bad is being around cigarette smoke for an asthmatic ??
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Rhea D
How come when i breathe thru my nose my throat gets dry? ?
okaii, i need a humidifier, especcialy durring winter, when i brethe in my throat get so dry and i hate it i have to keep drinking water!! Why does this happen???

Zoya K
warm milk and add honey to it it opens your nose it helps me

Uhm..that never realli happened to me. =)

put two piece of orange peel in each nostro and you will be fine small piece

Ruben Is A Monster
Because Your Throat Gets Dry, Especially During Winter Because The Air Is Colder, This Can Also Happen A Lot When You Sleep.


The air passage that your nose and mouth use are both the same passage. For instance if you hung upside down you could roll a small marble down the roof of your mouth and it would be able to roll out your nose.

As far as winter and dryness goes... It is not so humid during the winter months, the air is cold, hence any moisture in the air is turned to snow. So with less moisture in the air your left with "dry air". This will cause that extra dryness you may be feeling

fdghef d
i guess because since u are not opening ur mouth no water vapor can get in so ur throat gets dry
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