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How can you tell if your having a allergic reaction?
well i got bite by either a spiter or Mesqueto... Well i got bite on my ankle and now my whole foot is swollen and i have no ankle.. what should i do other than go to the hospital and put ice on it, which im doing. any ideas????????????? please help thank you!

Monique Attinger
Bites can be dangerous. It's normally best to seek medical care if you are concerned about a bite.

Having said that, if it's an allergic reaction, an antihistamine will help to take down the swelling. If you take a dose of Benadryl (or good, fast-acting antihistamine of your choice) and nothing happens, then you know that it's not an allergic reaction, it is a reaction to the venom in the bite.

Best advice is to go to the hospital and get it checked out.

well i'm allergic to eucalyptus and bee stings. With eucalyptus, i get rashes and and headaches. with bee stings, i go into anaphylactic shock and i have to give myself a shot in my muscle (i do my leg) with my EpiPen. and although it's not an allergy, i have asthma and for that i just have to use my inhaler

i have my asthma symptoms act up when i get a allergic reaction. i would advise to ask a doctor if u get to concerned it keeps doing it. also some has hives as a reaction. do a yahoo search on allergic reaction they can tell u more.

An allergy is your body's way of protecting you. When you are allergic to something your body has identified that substance as something dangerous and signals your immune system to fight it. That can lead to all kinds of reactions like itching, swelling, hives or anaphylaxsis to name a few symptoms. I have many allergies and they each come with their own set of symptoms. I am allergic to mosquito bites and have extreme swelling when I am bitten. What I do is take a medication like benadryl. Icing is also a good idea which you are already doing. If you are itching use caladryl of take a warm bath with baking soda.

I don't know where you live but there are certain types of spiders that are poisonous. If you have been bitten by a spider get to a hospital and have it checked out. If it is just a mosquito bite I wouldn't worry too much. Deal with the symptoms as best you can and make sure that the swelling isn't putting too much pressure on a vein or artery, which could be dangerous. You don't want the swelling to get out of hand. If you can't see your ankle that sounds like pretty severe swelling, a trip to your local emergency room may not be a bad idea.

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