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Whats up with that? :-(

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How can i stop my nose from getting congested when i sleep or lay down?
It always get stuffed up only when I sleep. Anyone else have the same problem?

Use Breathright...plastic strips that go on your nose.

I have this problem too.....elevating the head works only sometimes, decongestion medications (and the tape that goes over the nose) work.

Also try two paracetamols before bed-time, I don't know why but that is the most successful method for me.

You might want to try a different pillow as well.
I had this problem before and I discovered it was what was in the pillow that was making me stuffed up.
It could also be the products used for cleaning on your pillow case.

Try putting some eucalyptus oil on ur pillow. Or use a nasal strip

Change your bedding regularly, use allergen free barriers on your mattress and pillows, use a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier, use a nasal spray such as Afrin before sleeping, and if it continues speak with your Dr. about a prescription relief that will help you breathe better at night.

You might try a nasal decongestant just before going to sleep. I get that sometimes, but taking sudafed or something usually helps.



Gravol, over the counter at any pharmacy.Drink lots of water in the morning b-c you will be de-hydrated.

Try breathrite strips, elevate your bed, and a humidifire. an air purifire works great also, airborne allergies can also play a role with getting stuffed up.

Use a couple of pillows so you wont be laying flat you have to keep you head elevated

Olbas oil on your pillow

Sleep with your head elvated and get a humidifer.

My son does. His doctor told us to elevate the head of his bed just a little bit so he isn't lying flat. As weird as it sounds, it really has helped.

<3 Jessie <3
use a humidifyer or use those nose strip thingies

sleep so that the head is elevated

Do not sleep on one side,so the particular side will be conjested more

Hey, I suffer from allergies too!! Either your doctor can prescribe you an inhaler for your nose which you spray just before you go to bed, or you can try breatheasy strips from over the counter at the chemist. They both work for me!!

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