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LA Mom
How can I get people to understand the seriousness of my life threatening latex allergy?
I have recently been diagnosed with a life threatening latex allergy. I was rushed to the ER after blowing up a latex balloon (which I have done many times before). I am having a difficult time expressing the severity of this to others. I was told by my allergist this an airborne allergy for me and to remove myself from situations that could possibly trigger a reaction. At work when there is a birthday, which seems like daily, the balloons get blown up and left there for a week in celebration (popping constantly throughout the week). This past week at work, there were balloons around my desk everyday. I can not afford to leave work for five days so others can celebrate their birthdays. Work has told me that they can not ask people to remove the balloons and that I should have enough time to react before it gets too bad. I am afraid to go to work waiting for the day that I will need to use my epi pen. Please help, I'm scared!!!

Please see the web page for more details on Latex allergy.

talk to your boss, and bring along someone who also has a life-threatening allergy to something common, like nuts or bee-stings. That way, it brings across the point that your allergy is just as serious as the other persons. Once the boss knows this, he/she can inform the other workers that any and all balloons brought in need to be non-latex, or just not have the balloons at all. They can even mandate it, for your safety. If you don't know anyone with allerigies like yours, involve your allergist. Have him write a note, or call your boss directly. Good luck.

wow I am so sorry to hear their insensitivity to your problem,I have been there believe me! The best course of action is education,educate everyone around your office about latex allergies by printing out pamphlets and brochures on-line.Tell your workers about what happened to you and how dangerous it is.Inform your supervisor that he is wrong about the reaction and having time to act.And have your doctor sign a not explaining the seriousness of the situation.If they are not willing to listen it may be time to take legal action.Or find a new work place.

here are some brochures


Who at work told you that? Try various levels of power (like your supervisor, his or her supervisor, human resources, etc) and bring a doctor's note saying that you have a life threatening latex allergy. They should be able to accommodate you, and replace the balloons with some other festive decoration, like streamers.

If no one seems to care, tell them that you are going to look for a new job that doesn't fill the office with balloons all the time. Then they might care.

Rubber latex Allergy can be absolutely disaster, even wearing shoes with latex soles can knock some people pretty hard. Just the socks that had been worn even though washed several times still can have an affect. To be honest if l was placed in that situation l would quit yeah it's hard sometimes to get another job but what's your health worth. It's seems to me that they don't value or have any consideration for you anyhow. One idea though get a reliable witness to sign your statement quoting that you do have an allergy to latex etc and that you have made a very reasonable request etc, Keep a copy for yourself and give one to work boss. That way they can be in a real pickle giving you the rights to sue. It;s stupid but when money comes in to play options are made.. Maybe shift to another room. It all seems so childish on their behalf. Best of luck..

I use to see this at the dental office I worked at all of the time. First off your employer has to take into consideration your allergic reaction. Is there someone higher up you can go to other than the original person you talked to??? I would write maybe a formal complaint to them with a letter from your allergist and your paperwork from the ER so they can see how severe this is for you.

Second of all I would just talk to each person in your office individually and explain it to them as well. People tend to be more understanding when something is explained to them.

Most important point is that you work there too and your employer has to keep your work environment safe for all of the employees there!

Good luck to you!

I totally understand. I have life threatening allergies too, and carry epi-pens all the time.
I've found that some people just don't care. and some have the attitude of, it's not really going to hurt her, it's all in her head. I've heard them all! and I know it's so very frustrating.
you probably just need to take matters into your own hands and tell everyone who has the balloons, hey, your balloons could kill me, and I'm asking you as a fellow human being to please take them out of here. tell them to imagine those balloons are rattle snakes coiled up and ready to strike at them, and there's no anti-venom available for them to use. then tell them that's exactly how dangerous those innocent looking balloons are to you. after hearing that, and putting themselves in the position of being in a life threatening situation, they'll have some compassion and take the balloons away willingly.
Best wishes, and I'll keep you in my prayers.

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