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what are the good ways to cure? any relief methods? besides calamine lotion and overcounter medication, what else are there?
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i don't know i have that allergy. after eating it, the symptoms then appear. what can i do now?

Chiquita P
4 days

nurse curtis
This sounds like it warrents further investigation, because allergies never just go away. Once you have one it is there to stay. The best thing to do is to avoid what you are allergic to and stear clear of it for good.

Consult with an allergenist for a test to determine what is causing the reaction. It does not sound like an allergy to me.

I am 37 I have been allergic to strawberries since about 14 yrs old. I have to go get a shot to clear up the rash on my face. but I have not eaten any strawberries since then either.

If you know you're allergic to a certain type of food, don't eat that food. Your reaction might get worse over time if you continue.

have you gone to an allergist?
Also why are you so compelled to eat something you know you are allergic to?

My 3 yr old son tested positive for a lot of different food allergies. We had him off of everything for 6 months and then retested him and some of the allergies that were high are now low, so we're allowing a rotational diet where on Wednesdays and Sundays he's allowed to have wheat and we'll allow soy occasionally etc, we are still eliminating dairy, however as that is still high. (previously dairy tested off the charts, so it has come down.)
My suggestion is that if there is swelling, this is a moderate to high allergy and I would recommend avoiding the foods that cause this and get to a naturopathic doctor and get some allergy tests done. Good luck - also - apparently you can get desensitized to allergies - I'm not totally familiar with this, I have read about taking homeopathic remedies - for example if you are allergic to apples, you could take the homeopathic remedy Apple 2X daily and increase the strength over time - of course this would be under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor or someone very familiar with homeopathy.

rea del rosario
maybe 1-2 days. the cure is not to eat that food for a while. then after a month try eating the same food w/ the small amount so that the system could adopt it.

Clown Knows
Be careful of too much pressure in your eyes, as that could cause permanent damage.

Cold compresses, antihistamines, time. Doctor administering a steroid shot.

Generally, if you have a real food allergy, you can't ever eat that particular food.
As far as I know, you can relieve symptoms, but you can't cure it. i.e antihistamine tablets. There is only over-the-counter medication for allergies which are not life threatening.
You need to find out if it is actually a food that is causing the problem. It could be any number of things.

Sounds like you need to be allergy tested. Then you will know what foods to avoid.

Keep Benedryl (or something like it) on hand AT ALL TIMES. Also get a prescription for an Epi-Pen. Your reactions are bad enough that you never know when they will turn into something lifethreatening. As long as you "only" get itchy benedryl should do the trick.



If you have a food allergy, then stop eating that food. Your body is telling you something!

For some people stopping eating what they are allergic to, after a year the allergy may go away. Why would you suffer with the itching and swelling if you don't have to by eliminating the allergen? In my case one of my food allergens was lettuce, but after a year with on a touch on a periodic sandwich (learned to eat without lettuce), my allergy went away.

OTC include Benadryl both topical and pill. Calamine might not work. But that is like pouring a glass of water on a fire, it helps but does not alleviate the problem. Think, if it starts with itching and swelling, what is next ------- vomitting, diarrhea, what!

There is a blood test called a "raspt" that will test you for food allergens, until the skin test there is no suffering.

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