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 Cough that won't go away! please help!?
I had a cold about 3 or so weeks back. the cold went away on its own after one week but i have been stuck with the cough! i don't produce anything when i cough...its a dry cough.....my throat ...

 I think I might be allergic to silver... how can I tell?
What are the symptoms?
Additional Details
It is on my skin. I was wearing an inexpensive sterling silver ring. Is there anything I can do about the sore???...

 How safe it is for new born if mother is taking methylprednisolone16 mg twice daily since 7 days ?

Additional Details
if mother is diagnosed as a case of Impetigo Herpetiformis....

 Nose Bleeds!!?
Does anyone Know why nose bleeds occur? and how do I stop them?

my 13 year old son keeps getting spontanious nose bleeds and they last between 15 min-1 hour! I have taken him to his doctor ...

 I have a weird allergy to oranges. Does anyone else have this?
If I eat so much as a single orange section, my whole mouth tingles and stings within a few seconds. It starts on the roof of my mouth and then spread to the rest of my mouth. This has happened to ...

 Sinus problems?
For the passed three yrs I've had a really suffy nose that is always blocked, it get much worse at night and I have to breath through my mouth because it is so bad, I'm 12 year old and am ...

 Is travel difficult with nut allergies?
Is it difficult and/or dangerous for a toddler to travel with anaphylactic food allergies? Flight and hotel?
The allergies are more than nuts (tree nuts), it's also eggs, sesame and barley, ...

 My housemate is covered head to toe in welts/blisters any suggestions at all as to what this could be?
He has an allergy to Bananas peanuts and lettuce, and recently was feeling under the weather and got some centrum multi vitamins. Had been taking 2 *double the recommended dose* for two days before ...

 Why don't we sneeze while we sleep?

 What is food conterminants?
what is food ...

 Gerd i believe is a sromach problem anyone know about this??
I have a problem digesting all of my food i get a pain above my belly button some suggested this may be gerd anyone know of a solution to this problem??...

 Does being allergic to bees mean being allergic to honey?
I am just wondering even though they are completely different, if there is anything dangerous about honey if your allergic?...

 Can allergies cause a head cold?
I'm allergic to ragweed and its high in my town right now. Last week I got a bad head cold that lasted about 2 or 3 days. I also had sinus pain and pressure and slightly stuffy nose. Could this ...

 Would it be possible for someone to be allergic to oxygen?

 Is Pepcid used for itching?
I think I MIGHT have had an allergic reaction because I broke out and it started itching a lot so I went to the doctor and he prescribed me protozone. He also said for me to take a benedryl and if ...

 What foods can i eat if I am allergic to certain things?
So I went to the dermotologist for my acne and they gave me a blood test to see what I am allergic to thats whats causing my acne and they said Iam allergic to wheat,corn,soybean,milk (which means I&...

 Does making out (kissing.) help allergies??
I heard it from my cousins and im just curious does it?
i dont understand how?...

 Does anybody have personal experience of lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance?
My son who is 4 is being tested for lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance. He could eat normally until he was 3 1/2, then he caught a bad stomach bug and has never been right since. I first ...

 Why do people have to take shots??
its weird!!! I dont like shots but thats just me!! its really a serious question!! just plzzzzzzzzzzz give me good ...

 Food allergies? this is a confusing one..?
i am 20 years old and to sum it up, after everythime i eat/drink anything i get an aweful tummy ache. sometimes constapation, headache, vomiting and or diarria. After everytime i eat or drink i get ...

Hi all!! Need asap BIRTHDAY rhymes for turning 30?
Ok my kid turns 30 this weekend and thank God we made it!!
anyway can't think of any rymes to be able to make our own poster, korny i kno HELP

Mama Gretch
Words and phrases that rhyme with thirty: (18 results)

2 syllables:
birdie, birdy, ciardi, ferdie, mirti, murdy, nerdy, purdie, purdy, sturdy, verde, verdes, wordy

3 syllables:
cape verde, mccurdy

4 syllables:
double birdie, palo verde

7 syllables:
capital of cape verde

Today your thirty
and I have one thing to say
If I end up in a old-age home
there will still be hell to pay!

B tizzy
now that you are 30 shower cuz you get that old person smell and its smells dirty

ill give you rhymes once you clarify it's 30. Are you sure?

When you were a teen
You thought you were a King.
But now that you're thirty,
I think you're a little nerdy.

Okay, really corny & stupid, but it entertained me for a few minutes during work. :) Thanks.

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