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seasonal allergies not allergies to food and ****...

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Help! My family wants to get a dog, but I am allergic to dogs!?
A couple of years ago I had a really blocked nose, and went for an allergy test to see what the problem was. The results were that I am allergic to dust (severely) and also quite allergic to dogs. At the time, we didn't have any pet dogs, so it wasn't a problem (only the dust was). But now (2 years later), my whole family are intent on getting a cute little puppy dog. I keep reminding them that I am allergic to dogs but they don't seem to care. They don't want to get any other animal. They want a dog. They are planning to get it in the next week.
I know that some dogs have hair or whatever that can cause allergies, but all dogs have allergy causing proteins in their saliva (and all dogs love to lick people), so whatever type of dog we get, i will still be allergic to it. Also, my parents are ok with letting the dog inside the house - just to the kitchen and dining area. Obviously if it is in there i will get licked to death - no matter what i do i cant avoid it.

I already have really bad dust allergy and I don't want to have more allergies with the inclusion of a dog in our house. Please help me! How can I change my parents' mind?
Additional Details
you obviously don't have allergies...
My nose is so blocked that I can't even breathe through it and can't sleep properly at night..allergy meds don't help much

get allergy shots! or get a chihuahua.

tell your parents how you feel.. and why the **** would they ever even get something they KNEW you were allergic to????? dont you think that thats just a LITTLE weird????

Izzy N
Tell them if they give a crap about you they wouldn't get a dog. Show them this post even. I don't care if you show this I dont know your family. Good luck.

I think it's a Bichon Frise... there is a type of dog, a couple actually, that are supposedly ok for people with dog allergies. Research this and then tell them that if they insist on getting a dog to please get this or that type.
Good Luck :(
Allergies are rated on a scale of 1 - 4, I think. If you are a 3 or 4 it would be dangerous for you to live in a house with a dog.

Here, I found a site for you. "Hypoallergenic Dogs" (lol)


slap them! Here I'll do it...

Yorkshire Terriers and Poodle do not shed and have little dander. If the dogs are bathed weekly there should be little risk of an allergic reaction.

krishan s
convince you family to not to tame dog if still they want ask them to put out side frome home in garage or in othe available part of house which you use less .

Sarha Z
same i am i always get that when i go near dust and fur, maybe you should tell your parents or beg them. lol

There are dogs that you can get that won't cause a reaction, my friend has an allergy and he got a chihuahua shitzu mix and he doesn't shed and is the cutest and friendly thing

there are hypoallergenic dog out there... tell them it is cool with you as long as it is a dog you doesn't shed and will not let your allergies act up.

My source has a list.

hmmm... wow your story is the complete opposite of mine XD
well your parents are stubborn heh.. tell them to make a dog house outside and don't let him in ..or you can maybe get rid of the dog or sale it ..actually maybe that's not such a good idea ...you could try the dog for a week and maybe your not allergic to him after all you never know
Good luck with that. :)

If your family INSISTS on getting a dog, you could steer them in the direction of a hypoallergenic dog. There are many different breeds and it would fit both lifestyles.


Here's a website with a list of hypoallergenic dog breeds...
good luck!

There are actually some dogs with very low dander levels, so that people with allergies can be very comfortable with them as pets.

A poodle is one such example. I'm not sure if there's a particular type of poodle that is better than others; that might be the case.

I know this is true because of someone in my family who has severe animal allergies but loves dogs and found that a poodle works very well in her home. I hope you can get your family to consider this.

Best of luck!

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