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 I suffer from sinus infections quite often is there something to do to stop them?

 Does anyone use Nasonex?
I can't sleep at night because my nose is always plugged up. My insurance doesn't cover flonase which I know has worked for me in the past. Is nasonex any good?...

 I am thinking on buying an air purifier. Does anyone know which one is the best?

 I am had been coughing for a year and a half now. What should I do?
I am had been coughing for a year and a half now. It affects my work and my life. My mood has been really bad due to that.
I've seen many doctors who prescript me from cough syrups to F...

 Can you be allergic to some alchol?
over xmas i got some bailey's in which i never normally drink,but after a glass or 2 my skin went all red and blotchy couldnt breathe properly,and my heart rate went through the roof,same thing ...

 Amoxicillin Allergy?
My daugther had an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin and for 4 days it was pretty bad with hives and itchy. But it's now been 2 weeks and she still has hives and it's still itchy, it's ...

 How to tell of an allergy?
I know the best way to tell if you have an allergy is by getting an allergy test at the doctors, but thats unavailable right now...

How do you tell if you have an allergy to something?

 My son is constantly sniffing and clearing his throat...?
My 6 year old son is constantly sniffing and then clearing his throat , when he blows his nose there is nothing to come away his nose seems to be dry, he also makes a grunting noise as if he feels ...

 Can someone be allergic to orange juice

 Is this normal?
Is it normal to feel dizzy, and have your head feel like its 200 pounds with allergies?? I go through times throughout the day where I feel like CRAPPP!!! What type of allergy would cause dizziness,...

 Can you take allergy medication everyday?
i take it every night to sleep and i have allergies is this alright?...

 How to remove allergies; my throat feeels all stuffy and it hurts when i swallow?
i do not have a cold, the weather is burning, my nose gets stuffy easly, i hate the intense heat
becuase of that my thorat hurts it feels like the pathogens are killing everything in my throat<...

 Are these symptoms of a milk allergy and/or lactose intolerance?
I notice that sometimes when I ingest dairy (like I did 30 minutes ago), my stomach gets upset (loose stool), a dry, persistant cough and a stuffy nose.......Does anyone else have these same symptoms?...

 Has anyone else ever experienced a mysterious 1-time allergic reaction to strawberries, shrimp &/or oysters?!?
I've eaten these foods them many, many times since childhood w/o incident. However, ONCE time in my adult life, I experienced allergic reactions after eating these familiar foods: at age 19 ...

 Can I use Saline solution (for contact lens) to rinse my nose?
I have allergies and need to rinse my nose often. Went to find nasal drop at Boots but they ran out.. so i bought sterile saline water for contact lens cleaning instead, cos i heard we could use it ...

 PERFUME Allergies?

 What is an allergy pill with the the least side effects?
Something that does not cause hyperactivity, or sleeplessness....

 Posion ivy?
Is it safe to work with very young children (around 8 months old) when you have posion ivy? I work in a church nusery and I know you can't catch posion ivy, but I am just trying to be safe and ...

 Is similasan for pink eye any good? If not what?
I think I have conjuctivitis but also allergies.I went to 3 ophtomologists and what they gave me ( drops) did not help. I dont know what to do anymore. I have redness, swelling :(
Additional D...

 Help !!! Please !!! Hay fever is doing my head in !!!?
I have tried nose sprays, local honey, allergy tablets, hayfever tablets, inhalers and it does not help. My nose runs all day and my eyes itch constantly. I have a cool pack which helps with the eyes ...

Help! I keep getting these welts/hives, what could this be?
Hi- I have NO known allergies, I am 39 and I went camping 2 weeks ago. As far as I know I didn't get bit by anything, nor did I rub up against any plants, or EAT anything weird! 2 days later after I got home, I got welts all over my torso and arms, and my lip swelled up. Went to the ER they put me on Prednisone, ruled out Lymes disease, and said they didn't know WHAT cause this. I am not a stressed out guy AT ALL, I am in shape, I haven't changed my diet altho I could eat healthier, I don't smoke. Could I have some sort of vit/mineral deficiency? Someone please help. Now that the pred dose is gone, the welts are returning and so is the swelling in my face!!
Additional Details
I also have not used any new soaps/fragrances/detergents, etc, and Benedryl doesn't work, its not strong enough to take this away!

Did you change the type of insect repellant? Used a different detergent to wash clothes before you left? Medicine you were suppose to "take all until gone" ? Different soap/deodarant/aftershave.Maybe a inexpensive tee-shirt or socks where the dye was to strong?Maybe a small cut was on your finger,and you got some brake fluid or chemical into it? I watched my sister's torso welt up before my eyes. We went over so many questions! Even cereal that might have been outdated,she would have eaten. I also, came home from work one day ,and my mom was outside weeding.When she looked up at me ,she looked like her bottom lip,came out of Eddie Murphy's movie "Nutty Proffessor".She didn't even realize it was puffed up.The ER said she probably got some juice on her finger from one of the plants/weeds and touched her lip.You need to see your regular doctor again, or GO BACK TO THE E.R. Serious allergy,could effect your breathing!

this is caused from something you are eating or drinking =get the Dr to arrange allergy tests for you

Even though you don't remember, you probably did get into something out there in the woods. Even a tiny bit of poison ivy, oak or whatever can linger on your clothes or bedding and start it all over again. Those kinds of irritants are oily, so they stick to everything.

Wash everything in hot water, and be careful not to wear or use anything you took with when you went camping. Take Benadryl as someone else suggested, and make an appointment with a dermatologist.

death upon you
you have uticaria. I get these often. It is caused from an allergic reaction. With me, they can pop up anytime. You really need to see an allergist for some testing. Allergies can come on at any time in life.

Charles F
Try calimine lotion

It may depend on the environment...... You don't have to touch or eat anything. I you tried out a new soap, that could also be the case...

Buy an antihistamine (Benadryl) and it should help.

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