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 PLEASE HELP!! My throat is hurting and swelling an i think its from an allergic reaction!! PLEASE HELP?
I swalloed a bug earlier and i am locally allergic to bees and spiders and now i am having trouble swallowing and my throat is throbbing and have a little trouble breathing. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

 Sorry in advance for the grossness of the question, my snot is clear, but?
when i cough i cough up really thick green mucus. what could this be? also i am 7 months pregnant....

 How do you get Asthma?

 Does fresh pineapple make everyone's tongue go really tingly and oversensitive for hours, or am I allergic?
And if I'm allergic to pineapple, are there other things I should watch out for too? (E.g. people who are allergic to apples may also be allergic to pears, peaches and cherries.)...

 Random Nose Bleed?
I was woken up this morning a 5 am to find that my nose was bleeding badly, this is by far my worst nose bleed ever seeing as blood covered my hand in about 30 secs.

I was wondering what ...

 What's worse; Fizzy Drinks or Alcohol?

 When I don't take prescription anti-allergy meds, I break out in bumpy, red, itchy hives. HELP!?
I'm not sure exactly what could be causing them, but when I do NOT take my anti-allergy meds daily, I break out in these unbearably itchy, red, and very big red rashes, all over my stomach, legs,...

 I'm am very lactose intolerant with milk but I seem to tolerate cheese fine ... Is this normal???

 Help, My Cats are sick!
I have 3 cats, and for some reason they're all sick. They're throwing up everywere and not bothering to ues their litterbox. They're food was Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care, and ...

 My Husband woke up with a swollen eye....HELP?
His right eye is swollen...it's not a stye...and there is no pain...does anyone know what it is? What can we do to get rid of it soon? We have an event to attend....HELP...

 Random Nose Bleed?
Out of nowhere today I got a severe nosebleed, it didn't stop for atleast 10 minutes, I haven't had one since I was 7. I heard you can get them from not blowing your nose regularly but that&...

 Allergies from chicken meat, how can I prevent this?
Without avoiding chicken?
I take Virlix and Claritin every two days for 5 years ...

 I've been having really intense allergies for the past 2 weeks...any reason why?
I live in central kentucky, in a mid-sized city. I'm allergic mainly to dust mites, horses, cats, dogs and johnson grass. Nothing has really changed in my environment or lifestyle. I keep my ...

 What do they call it when kids, or adults, huff that dust remover in a can?
There is a name for it besides huffing and I can't think of it and it is driving me crazy! It is only a name for the dust remover....

 When was the first time you ate mangos?

 If someone who is allergic to dairy, consumes dairy. Can they eat something to ease the allergic reaction?
Basically I have had this weird cough for over a month, and I've been on antibiotics amongst other things... Nothing is worked. So I'm starting to think I might be allergic to dairy......

 Does milk cause diarrhea?
what does/doesnt?...

 Every single time I eat cucumbers, bananas, and carrots my throat gets itchy immediately. Why is that?
Am I allergic to them or what is the deal?...

 How do I get rid of a constant cough?
I have had this cough for a while. It's not contagious, no ones gotten it including my boyfriend. I'm sure it's a sinus drip and with School just starting I have no time to go to the ...

 Does any one know any good medicens or technics to get rid of a really bad after cold cough?

Has anyone heard of a constant smoke smell in their nose?
I'm smelling smoke all the time. I'm a none smoker with allergies and my doctor has never heard of this. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? It's driving me crazy!

That usually happens to me for a few days after I've been around a bonfire or some other amount of smoke or fire. I'm not sure what it is...my guess is that maybe your nose hairs get a little singed or the scent particles hang around in your nose for awhile.

Linh T
i have that too, but i do not know the solution sorry

Gloria A
I dont have an answer but I do have this problem for about a week now and its driving me crazy! Does someone have an answer.

owned by a siberian husky
maybe physiological, sorry, have you have a bad experience with it

I haven't heard of a constant smoke smell, but I have heard of people having a problem where their sense of smell gets fixed on one odor. My dad for example, all he could smell was gasoline. He went to an ear nose and throat doctor and they said he had diseased tissue in his sinus area and gave him a script of some kind of steroid spray that he used for a long time. I honestly don't know if it helped him or if he just got used to it. It messed up his eating of course because everything smelt like gasoline and he survived for over a year by drinking ensure plus, and never ate anything! He ended up passing away about 7 years later from Pancreatic Cancer and I often wondered if that was an early warning that something was going wrong in his pancreas. I am not trying to scare you...just sharing my experience. Good luck.

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