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like a cookie for example?...

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Food coming out your nose?
Ive had this happen to me 2 imes in my life once like 6 years ago i was in a store eating cheese nips and then poof it happend they started coming out my nose and i had to blow them out. The other day i was eating ramen noodles and it happened again had had to pull noodles out my nose. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME i know its all connected but thats not normal is it?

Yeah, it happens when you laugh while eating. When I was little, we called it "snorking". When I was about 10, my school group was on local TV for some reason, and just as the camera panned by me, I was drinking fruit punch and I started laughing- I snorked red drink all over myself on TV. Granted, it was taped (not live), and it was just local NH television, but for a month, everyone was making fun of me. I haven't had fruit punch since.

j woo
there was a snake charmer who had a nake come out of his nose from his mouth on ripleys believe it or not, it could be the way you swallow

stop laughing when you eat

happens when u laugh while eating
it's normal

<< T &gt;&gt;
ewww lol no thats not normal at all lol go see a doctor and see what he has to say about this prob

Ali D
It is the function of the soft palate to close the area (post-nasal)above the mouth when swallow, thus no other way for the food but to go down. For many reasons, if the closure fails then the food will go up to the post nasal space and comes out through the nose.
If it happened only twice in many years, it is MOST probably bad coordination at the moment of swallowing, due to loss of concentration( your mind was on something else), or you tried to talk or laugh at that split of second. DO NOT WORRY, IT IS THE ODD ACCIDENT.

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