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Angela C
Ear piercing swollen, red, and itchy?
i just got it pierced yesterday and it's starting to get itchy, swollen, and red and grow little bumps. I'm pretty sure i'm allergic to the 14k gold, but is there a way it can heal normally without me taking out the earring?

Noone i
You have an infection and your earlobe will soon fall off. Check daily when you wake to see if it has.

I suggest you take it out it will only get worse but if you want it to stay clean it out with alcohol on it twice a day with out taking it out just pore some on the infection.. try that first and see if that helps good luck..

it seems like u got an infection but dont worry
jus follow some precautions
firstly, take some hot mustard oil and apply it on the affected area using a cotton bud.
do this 2-3 times a day and avoid putting water on the infected area
at night, before going to bed, just clean the area with cotton and apply antiseptic ointment like Soframycin.

Hope it helps!! :-)

You may have an infection. See a doctor for treatment.

it is probably infected, just make sure you are cleaning it well and don't mess with it

Probably not. It's not good to keep metal in your body that your allergic to, or that's getting infected. I'm sure you could take it out, wait a few weeks, and maybe get it re-pierced?
I know that sounds like a hassle, but you really shouldn't keep the earring in.

u have an ear infection. i strongly advise u to go to the doctors rite now or its gonna get worsse

Umm.. If you just got it done yesterday and its like that, that's not an allergic reaction. Its infected. Take it out like.. Right now. Give it time to heal and clean it the same way you would if the earring is in. If you take it out and it still feels the same or worse a couple of hours later, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. And once your ear gets better you can get it pierced again but make sure they ppl who pierce it are using sterile products when they do it. And make sure that they clean your ear before shooting you. Good luck and be careful!!

your ear is infected

ouch, yes its an infection

the only way to clear it up is to put another ring in, id suggest titanium (blackline is also titanium) and do it quick, its only going to get worse

Sorry but no,you will have to remove the earrings in order to get them to heal. If you went to a ear pertcing establishment to get them pierced them my suggestion id call them or go back and see if they can or will replace the earrings in your ears.

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