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Dry cough remedies for 6 year old child?
My don is 6 year old and he get a dry cough more often especially during winter time. I tried all kind medicine but does not work any thing on him. I am looking some one advise me a home remedies.

Amanda P
There is this stuff that melts in your mouth called Juinor Strength Rapid Tabs for 6-11 year olds. They are at all Walgreens in the drug sections , I guess. Check it out. But, try a doctor if it's a dry cough.

demtapp with cough surpressent works and it will taste yummy

tylenol. cough and cold.

had to buy some the other day too

lana b
I too have a 6 yr old whom I don't like to give cough syrup to. Before she goes to bed, I massage VICKS on her feet and put socks on them. This seems to get rid of her cough for the night. I read a doctors column which it was suggested, and it works wonderfully!! Good luck.

Water - he needs more water in his system.

the dry heat from the heater is probably your problem. get a humidifier

John B
Best way to treat a "dry cough" without medicine is to use "Vicks Vapo-Rub" and to hydrate the air. You want your child to drink allot of clear liquids, and at the same time run a "Steamer" in the air to add moisture. You can add Vicks Vapo-Rub to the steam, but also spread Vapo-Rub on your childs chest. Maintaining steam and Vicks will make your child very comfortable "VERY SAFELY", without using hard drug medicines. The Food and Drug Administration this week put out a warning that cold and cough medicines ARE NOT recommended for small children and caution should be used with children up to 11 because of potential for overdosage.

Please add some detail on what you've tried...

A humidifier in his bedroom would be highly suggested. Walmart has Holmes Humidifier starting at $24usd.

Hydration is a huge factor in the body's system for making mucus and saliva - the two things that aren't present in a dry throat.. Orange juice and grapefruit juice dramatically helps this situation but do not over do the citreic acid.. Low citric acid OJ is available. Also if you can find it, the orange drink of the astronauts is TANG and it should do the very same thing!

Anything in the mouth will create saliva, so sugar free lollipops should be in constant supply as they can't spoil an appitite.

Hope this info coming from a dad and someone in the nursing profession helps you

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