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 Is anyone on here that's lactose intolerant or mabe is that's also allergic to soy???
I think i am lactose intolerant, and i know im allergic to SOY wat should i do????...

 Whats the worst thing to be allergic to???
ok so i want to know what u guys think is the worst thing there is to be allergic ...

 *ASTELIN* Is this an allergic reaction? My Doctor is not aswering his cellphone?
i went to see my doctor yesterday because i had very severe pain in my ear.. and he told me that i had some congestion on my ear .. so he gave me a nasal spray called Astelin... and i used it last ...

 I'm allergic to marijuana. I need a natural way to destress.?

Additional Details
I knew someone would have to state the obvious. Thanks ***** And to all advice thanks. My 4 year old is hyper active and has seizures so stress is gonna happen....

 How do I know what I am allergic to?
Hi, I have developed an allergic rash and would really really like to know what I am allergic to. Could it be laundry soap? Because my hands turned red and swollen at night after I touched it, but I ...

 Has anyone ever had a skin test done for allergies and if so do they hurt?

 Help with alergys!!!!?
i'm allergic to: dust, cats, mold, cigarette smoke, MSG, dairy, and some food coloring.

What can i do to make my out door allergies and my cat allergy less horrible???
How can i ...

 Has anyone ever heard of someone being allergic to themselves?
My doc said i give myself hives. He tested me for EVERYTHING including genetic reasons and Nothing!! So he said it has to be me Im allergic to myself??? does that make sense? Anyone heard this ...

 Can you develop hayfever - if not what the have i got???
im 22 and overweight, i was always able to play football in the park or cut the grass but this summer is different

im always sneezing, my nose is always blocked andmy eyes are always ...

 What is fluoride for?

 Ring stuck! Help!?
Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a ring off? I'm having an allergy reaction to my new soap and my ring finger is swollen and it itches terribly under my ring, but I can't get ...

 Why do Drs. & Nurses think all curtains are soundproof??

 I just got my ears pierced....?
about 48 hours ago.
i got them pierced with titanium.
my mom and dad had a history of being allergic to a lot of metals, but my mom couldn't remember what she was definitely allergic ...

 How can I find out if I'm allergic to cats?
I dont know any one that has one....

 The past two weeks i have a strange reaction after drinking any kind of red wine. is it possibly to develop...
a sudden alergy or intolerance, i've never had this problem before and i'm in better health than i've ever been. i recently find even a little red wine gives me a headache, serious ...

 My mother-in-law has 16 cats and I'm allergic. What should I do in order to survive with them?

 Whats the fastest way to get rid of a cold? i only have like a runny nose?

 Why do people say blessyou when you sneez?
Why do people say blessyou when you ...

 Sore dry throat and mouth, please help?
For the past few couple of months I've been on alot of drugs to help it, at first the docter said it was strep and gave me antibiotics, it didn't help. I've been taking a variety of ...

 Hay fever question : where do I get local honey from in London to help ease my symptoms?
Hi, I hear that eating local honey is meant to help alleviate hay fever. I am guessing that I can't just buy any old honey from Tesco! I need to get some locally produced honey, that is not too ...

Does taking Benadryl make you sleepy?
I took one tablet to get rid of a rash and I feel tired now.

Tony Taz In Texas
Yes in some people it does....Should be a warning on label.....
There are some people that react differently to medications, always read warning labels and/or check with your doctor.

Yes it can make you very sleepy.
The normal dosage is 25-50 mg.
Benadryl is also used in sleep aids.
You are using it for it's antihistamine properties

Yes, knocks me out like a baby..... Also has scared me sometimes how fast I go to sleep using it. Get your rest..

Yes it does.

Hannah Radar
It makes many people calmer, and some sleepy. Not me, though--it makes me hyper.

yes it makes you very sleepy

Yes. It's a very common side effect. So common that the ingredient in Benadryl is the same one that is in some sleep aids and meds like Tylenol PM.

It always makes me sleepy. And I am having issues with allergies now, and so I am also taking Robitussin. The Benadryl by itself only knocks me out for a couple of hours, 2-3. But in combination with the Robitussin, we're talking a good 10 hours of sleep at night. Just make sure the Benadryl works for your rash. You may also think of using a topical cream to put on it so as to not have the sleepy side effect. Hope you get well soon!

Neil L
Yes, it has that effect on many adults and children,

The answer is yes. Actually, Benadryl is the ingredient in many of the over the counter sleeping pills.

Yes, it does so don't fight it go to bed and sleep for 3hours

Brian S
The most common side-effect of Benadryl is sleepiness. If you want to take an antihistamine for your rash and you need to be alert you can take Claritin or loratadine, it is a newer antihistamine that isn't likely to make you drowsy.

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