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lenore w
Does eating too many bananas make you itch?

that was a retarded question.

just browsin
Itching could be a sign of kidney disease especially after eating too many bananas and raising potassium levels. See a doctor.

No bananas are very good for you but if you eat to much of food/fruit that contains phosphorus such as(milk, chesse, dried beans, peas, colas, nuts and peanut butter) just to name a few can make your skin itch.

if your allergic to them!

No but you may be allergic if they make you itch

No but there are full of potassium and if you eat too many a day you will end up fat as a hippo..........

only IF YOU are allergic to bananas. but they will definitely make you defecate more because bananas are high in fiber which promotes bowel movement.

*au natural*
Not that I'm aware of. If you or anyone else is itching from eating an obsessive amount of bananas, then it is probably some kind of allergic reaction.

no but u might scratch

No, it can't. Are you diabetic? That might be uric acid that is making you itch not the banana.

they shouldnt do unless you allergic to them or its psychological !!!

Only if you're allergic- and then you have more to worry about than just an itch.

Millie C
Depends on where you are itching. Are you itching in the mouth and throat? If it's your butt cheek, it ain't the banana.

BK thang
I say it all depends on how much you eat. When water is good but you drink too much of it you can die, when you dont drink none at all you can die also. Now everything in good proportions is good for you unless you are allergic to it or tryin to be allergic to it, because i believe we can cause something like this to ourselves by overdoing intake. When it comes to bananas its a same case scenario. Too many is not good. And its not just bananas. When i was younger i used to eat a lot of tangerines until i have overflow of vitamin c and i start breaking out all over my body. Now one of two or even three tangerines wouldnt never do that to me, but 20 of them every day would. Hope i am being clear enough. Good luck!

no it doesnt cause anything

no but it may make you poop a lot

Not sure, but I am allergic to bananas, so may they can make you itch if you're allergic....

Look for the Itching somewhere else ....its not the Bananas..as they are very good for you...Ask any Monkey where he gets his energy from....

If you are allergic to bananas you can develop all sorts of symptoms including itching. Try eliminating bananas for several weeks to see if the itching stops. If not you may be allergic to something else. Skin itching is however more likely to be an allergy to creams, washing powders or other cosmetic products. Also a lack of Vitamin E found in Omega 3 and fish oils and vit E capsules can mean you can develop an allergy to the sun and natural light. Try taking a supliment as even with a healthy diet some people can not properly absorb vitamin E. I recommend an elimination of products or foods until you find the allergen.

Not sure, but monkeys always seem to be scratching and picking at themselves, so maybe?

Shaunda B
Where are you itching? If around your mouth,you may have an allergy to them...Be careful if you find that you break out in hives or have any problems breathing..People can be allergic to almost anything.

Camilla the First
Well my darling, they make monkeys itch so watch out!! They are awfully good for you you know - lots of potassium and all that so you shouldn't itch.

mld m
If your allergic enough even little will make you itch. Itching is one of the symptoms of allergies. It can cause hives.Sometimes extreme.

Vanessa H
oftentimes it makes my tongue itches when i eat like more than 2 or 3 and my best friend is allergic and she itches all over especially her mouth

spongebob fan
ummm...i dont think it should it might actually be good cause bananas have lots of potassium in them......either that u might have a allergic reaction to them or something....try not to eat too many or dont eat them at all....well i hope u get better and i hope this helps

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