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Do you get allergic to bees if they sting you more then 3 times????

Monique Attinger
You don't develop allergies just because you are frequently exposed. You develop allergies because your immune system is sensitive and may have a predisposition to it.

You do not become allergic to a substance before you are exposed to it. Therefore, the person who said that you would know on the first bite is not necessarily correct. It will depend on whether the first exposure is sufficient for your body to begin an allergic reaction, as the exposure continues (because it takes some time for the bee venom to move out of your system.)

I've personally been stung more than 3 times, and have no allergy to bee stings.

nope there would be no bee keepers

Debby B
I have been stung by bees and wasps more than 3 times and no allergies- some get an allergy w one sting- so it varies from person to person and some never get allergic- take care-D

Not necessarily it can come on anytime, and believe me it always hurts bad bad.

You can, and can no. It's likely that you will. But some people never get allergic.


Actually, the answer is yes, you can be allergic, but it does not develop from being stung multiple times. You are either allergic or you are not. However, the first few times you are stung, you may not experience much of a reaction. The reaction may get worse every time you are stung. Also, many times people are not allergic to bees, but are allergic to wasps, yellow jackets, or hornets, commonly mistaken for honey bees.

I myself am allergic to yellow jackets, hornets, and fire ants. I know for a fact, that each time I am stung the reaction gets worse, and I did not have a bad reaction the first time I was stung. I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor or an allergist. I have to get allergy shots every week, and I carry an epi-pen, to prevent a life-threatening reaction.

No. Allergies can come on at any time, or never. Never is the most common. My next door neighbour keeps bees, and I get stung four or five times a year.

no. on the contrary, some people who are allergic become less so over time when they have been bitten a few times and build up a resistance.

No. If you're allergic, you'll know about it the first time.

Buzz s
You may get allergic after the first sting or after that. It depends on you. Some people get allergic reactions if a number of bees sting at once.

john e russo md
You may become allergic to a bee sting if you are stung only once BUT 99.99% of bee stings do not result in bee allergy thus whether you are stung 3 or 300 times you are not likely to develop an allergy. If you do become allergic to bee stings you should carry an anti histamine loratadine which is available in an oral disintegrating tablet (so you do not need to swallow it) and your physician will prescribe something called an Epi-Pen which delays a reaction until you are able to seek medical attention. As a youngster I stepped on a bee's nest and was stung hundreds of times but I am not allergic to bee stings and I do not mind bees.

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