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Do allergies cause your eyes to hurt?
My eyes are bothering me and I do not know why. Do allergies cause your eyes to hurt, or do they only get puffy?

Ramblin Rose
they can. try eye drops and antihistamines

either one can happen. maybe u have itchy eye syndrome or something like that

Are you rubbing them alot? Than can be one of the reasons.

Lexi R
They Can Sting, Turn Red, Itch, Or Be Puffy From Allergies. It Doesn't Have To Be A Dramtic Change.

Wounded Duck
Possible, but not probable. It may entail an adverse reaction to rubbing or dryness.

Allergies can cause your eyes to get painful- especially if you rub them a lot.

sure especially with seasons

Definately, eyes are very sensitive organ & gets
allergies easily..................

Wash them with cold water in between regular intervals..........

that will help you a lot.

they can hurt too...my eyes have been for a week and they are all bloodshot

allergies can cause ur eyes to hurt but get them checked out just to be on the safe side. p.s this is the best and true answer!!!!!!!!

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