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 Hi has anyone out there got an intolerance to wheat as i need some help?
Ihave a high wheat intolerance and would like some advice from someone who has personal experience of this as the products ie bread and pasta etc available i cant suffer to eat i want to know what ...

 I have allergy don't know of What but when i got tension my skin get red and itches mostly my hand , leg?
also small drops appear on my hand then disappear in short time
plz do anyone know what i can do
tension or any thing make my body temp. ...

 Strep Throat? plz help?
I've just gotten over Strep throat... I took all my medicine but here's the thing my boyfriend got it... ive been around him but we don't eat,drink,kiss after each other i pretty much ...

 I live in Chicago where its practically Winter time now and its cold. We've had plenty of night time frost
I usually take anthistamine (prescription) medication from Spring - Fall, as I have seasonal allergies. This year I been taking Zyrtec, which is in the same family of Claritin, Allegra, etc..

 How can I sooth a scratchy throat?
it hurts SO bad......

 Epipen! Scared.?
I was just prescribed an epipen for an unusual allergy to animals. I was wondering how big the needle in the epipen is? Have you injected yourself? Does it hurt? I don't know if I will be able ...

 What do you call a doctor specialized in allergies?

 If you are allergic to one kind of nuts does that mean you shouldn't eat any?
I'm allergic to walnuts but does that mean I should stay away from all kinds of nuts....

 What's the best cure for a post nasal drip?
What's the best cure for a post nasal drip? When the back of your throat itches really bad?...

 I have an uncontrollable eye wink. Does any one know a cure?

 Stuffy nose?
for the past year i have had a stuffy nose, and i know its because of my allergies. i have tryed all sorts of meds, prescription and otc, but none have worked. vicks vapor rub doesn't help ...

 Is That fine to take expired Loratadine ?
i have a box of Allergy relief , and it expired on 01/07 and it is 19/02/07 now , can i still use it, i need it badly for tomorrow and i can't get a new one yet ....

 I never used to have allergies to dogs and now i do! Why is that?
When I was younger 15-21 i had a dog and was never really around any dog after that. Now i'm 26 and i get this rash all over my face and arms and legs whenever i visit my friend who has a dog (...

 I'm a vegan allergic to tomatoes. do you know of any other alternative sauces I could use?
I realized that every time I eat tomatoes, my mouth hurts really badly and my skin has broken out. I've been eating tomatoes all my life, but never figured it out until today that I'm ...

 My allergies are the worst they've ever been?!!?
ive tried 3 different kinds of eye drops for my itchy eyes
my throat is sore half the time and itchy the other half of the time and ive been taking claritin, benedryl, another allergy something ...

 Why do I sneeze all the time?
Alright so here's the problem. Every single day when I wake up, I sneeze for about a half an hour every 30 seconds or so. It drives me nuts when I'm trying to get ready in the morning, etc.<...

 After getting food poisoning from a mussel I now can't eat other shellfish. Is this going to last forever?
Earlier this year I went out for a meal and was violently ill all night after eating a dodgy mussel; it was the only thing that I ate and my friends didn't- none of them became ill. Recently I ...

 HELP!! I have a reaction.. dont know how bad it is?
Im allergic to ragweed and pollen. I was driving down a country road today. and my eyes gradually started to become VERY watery, red, and itchy. I alwasy have itchy red eyes, but right now it is BAD. ...

 Do i have a cold or allergies?
I've never had problems with allergies before, but you never know. Does this sound like a cold or allergies? I need to know if i should take Nyquil or Zyrtek tonight :)

Here are my ...

 Am i allergic to cats?
every time i go over my friends hous that has a cat my throat gets really itchy obn the inside
Additional Details
i do have a runny ...

Difficulty swallowing ?
not so much as hard toi swallow but lump in my throat i notice it more after smoking im 15 and yes i know i shouldnt smoke...but i do also i have been getting alot of headaches and mild heart burn what could it be i went to the doc had a catscan for my headaches and it shows nothing
Additional Details
THE DOCTOR SAID I HAD MILD DKA and i was dehydrated

Special Ed
No matter how hard it is to swallow, you must! don't spit, always swallow young jedi.

Jesus Loves Connie
Are you talking about diabetic ketoacidosis ? Maybe you need a different doctor...that one did not even seem to care~
PS: gaillee01 your post is wonderful!
*Jesus Loves You*

Look, if you have allergies, you may be allergic to the tobacco you are smoking. This allergic reaction can get worse and cause your throat to close. It is not an easy thing to go through and usually, results in having to go to the emergency room for IV steroids!

I think if I were you, I would put the smokes down and get some allergy testing done. When you are having these reactions, it stresses the heart and your oxygen supply is lowered, if not cut off! In as much, please know that this can be serious and no, I am not trying to harp on you because you smoke. I too, have very bad allergies and have had to go to emergency rooms for help...too many times. My cousin, was very much like me but, older. She had a reaction while alone and it must have been a bad one as she was brain dead by the time they found her. So, I plead with you, do not blow this off! Be proactive, not reactive!

Now, I understand how difficult stopping smoking can be. Therefore, I am going to pray for you and for your situation. I hope you will join me and pray for God's guidance and ability to let go of things which are bringing you harm, and at such an early age. May God guide you and lead you and may He touch your life with health.

This doctor doesn't seem too interested in helping you. Headaches can be caused by many things, including stress. When the cat scan was negative he should have looked at a few more things.

You definitely can't afford to have your airway obstructed. Please continue to seek proper medical help.

I will also pray you find the will and strength to take better care of your body. When a person is young it is hard to realize that our body can give out on us if not cared for properly.

You are on the edge of adult life and there is a lot of good ahead of you. Please take care of yourself so you get to experience all the cool things out there.

I feel life began for me after High school was over. For me, I was suicidal at age 18, due to abuse at home. I encountered Jesus Christ myself and He showed me the love I had never had before. He loved me and cared for me and He feels the same about you too. Let Jesus into your life. You really need God's love and His help to get through the tuff stuff in life - especially when you have medical issues. I do care about you, it's not just about being religious, OK? Your life matters as much as anyones does. I will pray!

Difficulty in swallowing is an indication that you're deficient in iron. It simply means you're anemic. The headache is also an indication that you're anemic. The smoking might be what is causing the heartburn, and could be one of the contributing factor to your anemia. It could also mean you're just not having a proper diet. As a smoker, you especially need to pay special attention to what you eat. To restore your health, this is what you need to do.

Eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Include beef (very effective), livers, kidneys, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish whole grains, almonds, apples,leaf green,turnip green, whole grain, berries, Brazil nuts, cantaloupe, cherries, legumes (include chickpeas, lentils, and red beans), all citrus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, sweet potatoes, turnip, nuts, grains, carrots, pumpkin, squash, avocados, beets, beans, millet, peaches, pears, pumpkins, seeds, watercress, parsley, broccoli, bananas, okra, purple grapes, kelp, apricots, asparagus, peas, blackstrap molasses, plums, yam and peppermint in your diet.

Drink throughout the day home made fruit and vegetable juices. Include green leafy vegetables in your vegetable juice. In a glass of milk add at least 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses and consume at least twice daily.

Ensure that you eat at least 3 times per day. Fill your stomach each time you eat.

At least one of your diet should look something like this:

meat (eg. beef) or fish,
1 or 2 complex carbohydrate (eg. yam, potatoes, pumpkin etc),
A mixture of raw vegetables, (eg. lettuce, tomatoes, shredded pumpkin, broccoli, yellow or red sweet pepper, shredded carrots, parsley),
Varied mixture of steam vegetables (eg green leafy vegetable and/or string beans, and okra, or a vegetable salad)

If you'd like to add drink - preferably home made fruit or vegetable juice.

Have a glass of Green juice each day. Green juice is prepared as follows:

Green juices:
These can be made with alfalfa sprouts, cabbage, kale, dandelion greens, spinach and other green vegetables, including weatgrass. To sweeten and dilute your green juices, try adding fresh carrot and apple juice.

4 - 5 carrots
3 springs fresh parsley
1 large handful spinach
1 large handful kale
1 beet, including tops
1 clove garlic, peeled

1). Thoroughly wash all vegetables, peeling the carrots and beet if they were not grown organically. Cut the vegetables into pieces small enough to fit into the juicer.

2). Process the vegetables in the juicer, and drink immediately.

A good supplement to use along with your diet is Ultra Vitality NutraPack.

Do not take iron supplement unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Because iron is stored in the body, excessive iron intake can also cause problems.

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