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(big breath)


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 What is causing my hives?
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 Really confused!!!?
For couple of monhts now I'm sneezing all the time, my nose is itchi, my eyes are waterry OR very dry and even my ears are itchy sometimes too. It's not a sing of cold or anything, it'...

Cough, itchy throat, runny nose, stuffy nose, plugged ears, pain behind ears, naseous, chills... just a cold??

grab life by the bars
I think you might have small silver in you left little toe

pain behind the ears is from the swollen lymph glands fighting the viral infection which will last from 3-21 days. treat your symptoms, get lots of rest, and drink lots of fluids.

Yep sounds like a cold to me.

yes go get a checkup with your doctor

nisha m
It is a severe cold only. More information available at http://ailments.in/sorethroat.html

just me #1
some crappy bug going around i got it too! ive had it since last sat!

It doesn't seem like a cold to me. It might be the flu. If you think it's a cold it must be a REALLY bad one.

Hope u feel better!

This could likely be an ear infection. I would advise you to see you doctor and be evaluated.

Paramedic in SC

Michael B
Its like a hybrid cold/flu.

My Mom got it and took Alka Seltzer and she felt better the next day.

Buy some Alka Seltzer (I recommend both the day and night). The tablets that you dissolve in water are the best because they take affect almost instantly, but if you can't stand the bubblyness of it, you can also buy pills.

I swear by the stuff. I should make a commercial for them haha.

Theraflu is also good. As is Nyquil/Dayquil.

no honey that's the flu..when you're achy and you have chills that be the flu.

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