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I understand that many people get flushed when they drink...but what happens to me is not the typical alcohol induced flushed face. I get extremely hot and my face, along with my chest and creases of ...

 Why are peanut allergies always the deadliest?
...as opposed to every other allergy.

Also, are there other common "deadly" allergies BESIDES peanuts?...

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truelly and seriously is relapse a part of recovery
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Additional Details

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 Question about bloody noses?
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 Severe allergies?
For the past few months I've been waking up with my eyes binded shut with what seems to be clumps of puss. I quite literally have to pry my eyes open, from there the clumps stick to my eye ...

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 Why do you think there is such and influx of kids with allergies?
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 Have had electeric shock feeling in head but only at night but seem to wake up ok age 50?
this feeling only seems to happen when i get a pain at back off my right ...

 What's the best way to stop a constant runny nose?
my nose is ALYWAYS running! are there any things i can do to help it? thanks!...

 My nose is stuffy with allergies....?
will claritin help???...

 Which dog should I buy if i am allergic?....which are the better ones people are least allergic too.?

 What is the solution to my symptoms?
For more than a month now, I've been having a runny nose, stuffed nose, itchy nose, and sneezing. At night i get a stuffy nose. In the morning, runny and sneezing. I've been having them ...

 Homoeopathy and allopathy which would u choose and why?

Can you take benadryl and dayquil together??
I have the worst runny nose and teary eyes, I just took dayquil but was wondering if I could also take benadryl now?
Additional Details
My nose is extremely stuffy I meant not runny unless I lean down

you can but why wood anyone want to mix meds

call your local pharmacist

yeah but you better make sure not to opperate any machanical objects even a toaster and make sure that you can dedicate about 20+ hours to sleep they will both knock you out even the dayquill it will intensify the benadryl
i hope you feel better

If you have those symptoms, Benadryl would work better, not Dayquil.

You'll have to check, but I believe that Dayquil only contains Tylenol and a decongestant. Benedryl is an anti-histamine that is also used as a sleep aid. They aren't one in the same. Now, I believe that Nyquil and Benedryl contain the same ingredients. You should always contact a pharmacy or doctor before mixing medicines, however.

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