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 Should a person with food allergies avoid those allergens in personal care items?
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I can eat a little chocolate and be ok..
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someone said i was allergic to chocolate.Is that true? any experience?...

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 Is it ok to take an expired claritin?
Last night I couldnt get any sleep cause my stomache hurt real bad. My nose was and still is all stuffed up and when ever I breath in and out it smells like smoke. I'm 13 and i dont smoke but i ...

 Have you ever had an allergy cold before?
I keep getting it anytime I am out in traffic, or when there are some funny smells..... then I take an avil and I am better. Have you ever had one before? Its annoying and horrid with all the ...

 How good is claritin d to help with allergy asthma?
my doc prescribed me with clarinex and i had to buy it from my pocket cause insurance didnt cover it. it didnt do nothing on me and i was taking it daily. she gave me claritin d ,so far been 1 day on ...

 My son isnt feeling well, sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, watering eyes, and isnt sleeping well, is he ok?
My wife is worried that our son is sick or something. he has watering eyes but i think its from not getting much sleeping and crying so much. coughing but i thought it was from maybe him teethy sohe ...

 Recently water has been suddenly falling out of my nose..?
like a watery liquid, not like thick/snotty or anything, just like a clear liquid. randomly too, not just when im looking down for a long period of time.
does anyone know why or what it is? lol<...

 Could this be allergy in child?
My 5 year old went on a field trip yesterday to an apple orchard. When he got home his eyes seemed puffy. As the night went on he got stuffed up and this morning he must have sneezed 20 times in the ...

 Nasal congestion......?
I am 22 and have had nasal congestion as far as I can remember. It causes me difficulty all the time including not being able to speak properly with blocked passages. Has anyone experienced this if ...

 I think i'm having an Allergic Reaction,,??
I have got a reddish rash on my legs which appeared about an hr ago now. I had a shower an when i got out about 15-20 min ago i realise i got circly bumps on my left shoulder.
There are two. ...

 Why we r closing our eyes when we r sneezing?

 Can bad allergies make you very sleepy?

Can you still smoke pot if you are allergic to hemp seed oil?
Found out this morning rather unpleasantly that I am allergic to hemp seed oil (was in my tanning lotion). I was told that because of this, I can't smoke pot (not that I do, but I am just wondering). Is this true?

hemp oil and pot are from different plants...
so go on and fly


Hmm, I think it depends. 'Pot' is compressed marijuana plant leaves and/or flowers rolled up into a cigarette. I think that if you avoid the flowers, you might not develop allergic reactions to it, so I'm not sure. Of course, though, you should avoid smoking marijuana unless you have some medical problem, as well, it's an illicit drug and all drugs should be avoided, but there's no need to rant, as you already know that.

C K Platypus
Yes it's true. It could cause you to have a dangerous allergic reaction. Imagine your airways swelling up and possibly closing.

Gypsy Girl
Yes, it's true. You shouldn't smoke pot.

yeah sure go ahead and smoke pot... it's not like you are allergic to hemp or anything... oh yeah that's right you are... duh....

Amanda Jane
yes, hemp seed oil and marijuana are derived from two different kinds of plants. I'm no professional, but I wouldn't think you'd be allergic marijuana, but you never know.
kinda like a bee sting, you won't know you're allergic until you get stung.
and btw, she already said she doesn't smoke pot. I'm sick of people not reading these questions and just answering out of their @#%$^%!!!!

you should still be able to smoke cannibis without effect

for one, hemp and cannibis are different plants

second - any of the allergens that could affect your system would be burned off - there is no such thing as allergy to THC - it is about as benign a chemical as one can introduce into the body

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