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Dancing angel
Can you just develop a nut allergy suddenly?
Somebody told me that I had better be careful as I eat so much peanut butter and peanut based products, they said I could possibly develop a nut allergy one day. Is this true?

No, that's not true. Don't worry about it, peanuts are good for you!

No its not correct.If you were allergic to peanuts,you would have got the allergic reaction long long back.Since you havent,shows you are not hypersensitive to the product. However in rare cases, I repeat "rare"- some individuals might develop allergy to a product, which they have been consuming earlier. But this is rare.So dontcha worry go ahead and enjoy.

No...if you eat too much the only thing that might happen is that you get an upset stomach....Eating too much of something is never good.But you can´t get allergies,not this way.

Pink Monkey
I don't think so. Nut allergies usually present in childhood (like, under 5) and a lot of kids can actually grow out of the allergy.

Shaun the Sheep
I suppose it might be possible, but if you have no family history of allergies, asthma or eczema then it's unlikely. Try not to worry.

People have said that if a mom eats lots of peanut butter during pregnancy, her baby could develop a nut allergy (don't know if that's been proven). Lots of people eat peanut butter every day, it is unlikely that it will give you a nut allergy.

The truly original me.
Yes, that happened to my father, he used to eat peanuts all the time but one day the peanuts gave him tingely lips so he went to see the doctor and they told him not to eat them any more and offered him one of those pen things.

animal cracker
Thats rubbish if you have a nut allergy you are born with it.You keep on eating peanut butter , if you were at rik of devolping a nut allergy im sure they would print it on the packaging of your peanut based product.
Have some yummy crunchy peanut butter and some m&m peanuts. :)

well, they can devlop suddenly...that's not how it works really but , yes. I devloped one suddenly after 20 years of not having problems.

I was fine with them, then I had gone into Anphlaxis shock a few times, and I had no idea what it was. Turns out, nuts can kill me... I'm sad. My faverite dessert growing up until this point was nut rolls. :(

yes. it is not uncommon at all.

YES you can my sister was ok eating them until she became pregnant after the birth she had some and was rushed into hospital

Mr.Mungbean 1892 Legends FFPL
Cases of nut allergies have gone through the roof in the last decade or so. You can become allergic overnight and the condition can be life threatening. It's called anaphylactic shock and makes your windpipe swell up amongst other things. Wether eating too much nutty food would give you this condition...... mmmmmm not sure.

Allergies can appear at any time in your life. At 25 I became allergic to alcohol. At 30 I became allergic to lettuce (even the organic type). Now I'm allergic to celery and soy. I don't think it is based on the frequency of eating it. I think other things can change in you that changes your body's response to different food.

just by eating something a lot..you dont develop an allergy...but one may become allergic to somehting suddenly..thats possible...

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