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 Anyone know how to stop sinus pressure?
How do you stop sinus pressure and pain in your face without having to use meds? I have been blowing my nose which creates temporary relief but after about 30 mins I feel stuff again. I looked up ...

 I have this skin problem that whenever i bathe,i perspire and started to feel very itchy?

 Does this happen to you when you eat fresh cut pineapple?
Do you get this stinging tingling feeling in your mouth after eating a lot of fresh cut pineapple? not canned; but like freshh. sorry about my description but i cant really describe it.. all i know ...

 When sand or dust gets into your eyes, what happens to them?
Where do they go?...

 Allergies: nothing really helps...?
I have really bad allergies, every year they just get worse, my doctors have tried all different types of meds, and even nosesprays, but all i get from the sprays are really bad bloody noses. The ...

 What is the best OTC (over the counter) medicine for a skin allergy?

 17) General, antibiotics are useful against what?
A. influenza
B. colds
C. bacteria
D. V...

 Should I be taking Flonase daily?
When I had a sinus infection, my physician gave me Flonase. She never instructed me when to stop taking it and the bottle is pretty large. I have been having allergy/sinus problems so I have been ...

 Is it possible to develop an allergy to peanuts?
I've never been allergic to them but lately I have had problems with swallowing (even my own saliva, though it is probably anxiety related) and peanut traces are in many foods that I eat. I ...

 What's good for allergies?

 Am I the only person who suffers from ridiculously debilitating pollen allergies?
For the past week or so, I have had the worst allergies when I am outside.

If there is an ounce of pollen floating around, I seriously want to die.

My throat closes up... I ...

 Sinus Headache?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a sinus headache besides using sinus pills. I have been sick for over a week..went to the dr. and was given a Z-pack. Helped w/ coughing but I am still so stopped ...

 How do i clog ears? I have alergies and my ears are stopped up.?

 Cats that dont cause Hay fever?
Certain cats cause me to come out in a rash and itch and make my eyes water. I think its short haired. I really want to get a cat but dont want to live with the allergies. What types of cats are ...

 I've just been diagnosed with allergy to Gluten and dairy .What can I eat ?

 Why don't we,people, speak the same language?

 How many of you have allergies? If so what are they and how do they interfere with your life, job, etc.?
This is a school project. The more answers i get the better!...

 Does drinking too much milk make you become lactose intolerant?
If it doesn't, then what does make you become lactose intolerant?...

 What is the cause of my cats swollen and blistering lips?
My cat went to the vet for the yearly innocullations, and ever since then ( it's been about two months now ) the cat has had these red blisters on his swollen lips? What can I give him to stop ...

 Is there an alternative drug for rifampicin, used to fight tb in a 7 yr old child?
a 7 yr old child is having severe allergic reactions taking rifampicin, is there an alternative drugs that can be used with less side effects??? side effects include high temp., nausea & vomiting,...

Can you have an allergic reaction to cigarettes?
I want to know if I will have an allergic reaction if I smoke, but I dont know if it's possable...Please Help!

Am not sure but am addicted to em.Wud prolly have an allergic reaction when i dont get em.lol

Yes you can because you can be allergic to something in the cigarettes lol theres so many chemicals in cigarettes

yes you can and besides smoking is like an extremely SLOW death


Everyone's allergic to poison...

it is very possibe, as people that dont even smoke have reactions to being around the smoke-and then there is always the possibilty you will be allergic to the tabacco itself-if i were you i wouldnt even start, it is too hard for some of us to quit it does make you feel bad, and the smell is terrible although smokers get immune to it and dont realize how horrible they smell-please dont start, i am sure you will eventually regret it as most smokers do.

Considerring all the chemicals that get sprayed on tobacco before it ever becomes a cigarette, or whatever, an allergic reaction is very possible.

Here is another thing to consider: Many people that die in fires die of carbon monoxide, which is from the smoke. Guess what you're pulling into your body when you put that cigarrette in your mouth.

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