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 My left eye real red and I went to Dr and said it was allergies but the drops not working.?

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my 4 yr. old says her left eye keeps tearing up, ive taken her to the doc a couple of times, plus just took her to the eye doctor, they r not finding anything wrong, said it could be allergies, been ...

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 Every time my husband eats meat he chokes?
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 Anyone knows a natural remedy for skin allergy?
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 Nasal spray = sneeze?
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 I took 24 hour claritin this morning just realized it lasts 24 hours but i keep coughing my nose is runny and?
just took benadryl and cough medicine, will i be ok?
Additional Details
i didnt change mediines i felt bad and didnt now if it asted 24 hours and now im realy worried if i should go to ...

 I get Itchy..watery eyes and my throat itches and my skin itches because I'm allergic to Dogs?
Pyll or shot can take to get ryd of allergy???? My Husband just got a dog....sorry for type-o's......

 How do you get rid of dandriff?
Its bad?
ne body pleez help me!...

 If someone stays out all night and then comes back the next day with symptoms of a cold, blocked nose and?
nasel symptoms which clear up after 2 days what could cause ...

Can you get sick from eating Mold?
I ate a 2 donetts with mold on them basiclly because i didn't see it on there, can I get sick from this?

Hummmm...Let me think about that.....Uh....YES!!!

Yes, extremely, mold is bacteria which can be very harmful to your body. It eats at your insides and it never digests. make sure you use the bathroom or vomit to get it out.

Yes, you can -- especially if you have a mold allergy like I do. But if you didn't see the mold on them, there probably wasn't enough to give you any sort of problems.

Yes you can, although you might or might not get sick. It depends on your immunity system. If you eat mold at a time when you happen to be low on immunity, then you might become ill.

Many molds are edible, look at blue cheese and Brie. The type of mold you found on the donuts is a type of wild mold. I wouldn't eat a ton of it but a little bit won't make you ill.

sometimes you can get sick from eating mold, just depends....I mean you eat blue cheese, that's molded cheese. I ate two cinnamon rolls that had mold on it and I didn't get sick, but everyone is different.

Yes you can. Some of the most potent toxins are from mold. That said, it may be completely harmless. If it was a bluish mold, it may be the same type as found in blue cheese. If you notice any unusual symptoms in the next few days, call your doctor and mention the donuts. Otherwise, remember to look before you eat.

Some molds are dangerous because they cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems in susceptible people. Some molds also produce mycotoxins that are poisonous substances that can make people sick. When a food looks moldy, the mold spores have already invaded deeply into the product. Mycotoxins are most often contained in and around these spores, but may also spread throughout the food.

Aflatoxin is a cancer-causing poison produced by certain fungi in or on foods and feeds, especially in field corn and peanuts. They are probably the best known and most intensively researched mycotoxins in the world. Aflatoxins have been associated with various diseases, such as aflatoxicosis in livestock, domestic animals, and humans throughout the world. Many countries try to limit exposure to aflatoxin by regulating and monitoring its presence on commodities intended for use as food and feed. The prevention of aflatoxin is one of the most challenging toxicology issues of present times.

Even though penicillin is developed from molds. Molds which produce toxins can make you sick.

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