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 Are allergies to plastic in earrings common?
I have sensitive skin, and I've heard of people being allergic to various metals in earrings, but what about plastic?...

 Anyone knows a natural remedy for skin allergy?
every week or two my skin itches, I take medecine, but gets me too drowsy....

 Can panic attacks cause hives with blisters?
i keep breaking out in these horrible things i have taken antihistimines got steroid cream from the dr but they still keep coming back ever since i came to live in south qld from ...

 Nasal spray = sneeze?
My doctor gave me Astelin. Every time I spray it into my nostrils, I sneeze... for a long time. Are nasal spray supposed to make you sneeze? Or am I allergic to it? I've been using it for 5 days ...

 I took 24 hour claritin this morning just realized it lasts 24 hours but i keep coughing my nose is runny and?
just took benadryl and cough medicine, will i be ok?
Additional Details
i didnt change mediines i felt bad and didnt now if it asted 24 hours and now im realy worried if i should go to ...

 I get Itchy..watery eyes and my throat itches and my skin itches because I'm allergic to Dogs?
Pyll or shot can take to get ryd of allergy???? My Husband just got a dog....sorry for type-o's......

 How do you get rid of dandriff?
Its bad?
ne body pleez help me!...

 If someone stays out all night and then comes back the next day with symptoms of a cold, blocked nose and?
nasel symptoms which clear up after 2 days what could cause ...

 All of sudden, I cannot have milk! Have I become lactose intolerant ?Are there milk substitutes ?

 What causes "Ringing in the ears"?
When I lay down at night, my ears ring real loud. what is causing this ringing?...

 My girlfriend picks her nose and eats it -- HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO ?
when i put my tongue in her mouth sometimes i can feel something lumpy and gross . she likes to rub her boogers on certain parts of my boddy and lick them off. i dont want to break up with her but ...

 I just found out i have six differnt allergies. boy that sux. anyone else with allergies?

Additional Details
i have cats, dogs, tree pollen, grass, mold, and dust mites....

 Has anyone felt before....?
My husband and I sleep in the same bed but he says he feels something crawling on his head, or arms at night. Im very clean, so I change my sheets every 3 days and change pillow cases and everything....

 What is the best air purifier for cat allergies?
For those who suffer from allergies to cats, what is the best air purifier for the money? and do you have any research to share?
Additional Details
just me: i would love to know the ...

 Why when i eat anything with nuts in i get a bloated painful tum ?
I know you can get a reaction to nuts but not normally like this.Cheers for anyone who has the answer.
Additional Details
that means checking every packet in supermarkets to check for ...

 My nose on one of my nostrils is clogged up?
how do i unclog it fast so i can go back to sleep? i cant sleep at all! it hurts and its really annoying! will green tea help? a warm rag? what will help it go away? please help!...

 My nose is constantly plugged. is there anything like a mist or spray that would help?

 How can I get to somehow consume milk products when my stomach is lactese intolerant?

Additional Details
I know the easiest solution is to avoid milk products, but that is will not do for me because almost everything around me has milk in them. Somehow I know there is ...

 How do you know what foods you are allergic to?
when people say "im allergic to wheat, flour", or whatever...how do they know?...

 I found out im allergic to my favourite candy, what now?
So, usually, i buy a pack of Starburst every day, since theyre at a good price, but i noticed that anytime i ate them, id get a rash on my arms, but after a few minutes has passed, the rash goes ...

Can you build up an immunity to something you are allergic to?
Example: I am allergic to blueberries...could I ever build up an immunity so I can tolerate them?

I believe I have to certain Kats ... such as ones that own me

Find a local Bee keeper and buy you some Honey. The Bees pollinate the same flowers etc. that we breath. It will build your immunity. I use to have allergies so bad I had to have steroid shots and meds to block. But now, NO MEDS whatsoever. I have Honey on my toast in the am, and Honey to sweeten my hot tea in the afternoon.
Store bought will not work, has to be local.

gabriel m
why not?

john c
I'm sure you can, but your best bet is talk to your doctor about it.

My friend was allergic to a lot of things, like dust and lots of different foods. She took allergy shots (which was a little bit of liquid in a syringe that was squirted into her mouth twice a day), and she was allowed to eat those foods that she was allergic to. After a few years of the shots, the doctor told her to stop taking them, and she's not allergic to the things anymore. The only bad thing about the shots are that they're kind of expensive.

Not in less you take allergy shots.My son gets shots and he is allergic to alot of things.For example cats we are babysitting a cat for the weekend and since he has allergy shots he can be around them as along as he take a antihistamine and keep the cat out of his room.I would recommend going to a allergist and getting tested and go from there.Food Allergy's maybe a bit Different

Yes you can,and there are various methods of doing this,one way is to rotate your foods never eat the same food more then every 4-5 days,and completely eliminate the foods you are reacting to now.After about 6 months you can test the food in small amounts and more then likely your body will be less sensitized to it.Continue to rotate to avoid developing more food allergies in the future.

Read some good books on food allergies such as
Food Allergy/Food Intolerance
Food allergy survival guide
browse amazon.com

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