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Can you be allergic to your underwear?
ok believe it or not this is a serious question,for a while now I have been very suspicious that I am allergic to my underwear.I will explain: Basically I kept experincing painful rashes after using my 90%cotton 10%lycra stretchy underwear.I had painful rashes on my privare area including my bottom and wherever the elastic touched my skin including the leg creases.So I switched to 100%cotton underwear but of course they still have some elastic.It reduced the soreness and itching in the private area but still I was experiencing irritating rashes in the leg crease.so I started to go commando and the problem cleared up.However its not possible to go commando all the time so,yesterday i grabbed some underwear not realizing it was the stretchy kind and now I have a sore,painful and rashy private area.The same thing happens with my bras,i break out under my arms and on the sides where the bra touches my skin.does anyone know what I should do about this? is this an allergy??

ya you can be. it depends on the material. try going to a place like walmart or something that has a lot of underwear and bras and buy a lot of different brands and see which one works best.

not much but i hope i helped!

maybe you are allergic to your laundry detergent. my sister was like that too. and don't wash your underwears/bras with daily clothes. they can make the lirritation worse. just change your detergent until you find one that won't irritate your skin.

Switch to all cotton with no dye. My daughter can't use any underwear with dye in them because she gets terrible rashes. It could also be the detergent you are using. We can't use Gain. Best of luck.

Sounds like a latex allergy.

Eye of the Beholder
It could be the fabric, but also think about what detergent and/or fabric softener you are using. I am allergic to fabric softeners and most detergents, and particularly detergents with fabric softener already added. I now use a detergent called "Mountain Green Skin Sensitive" from Whole Foods. It's expensive but concentrated, so it lasts pretty long and my skin has improved a lot.

I'm sure there are others you could try as well. Try a sensitive skin detergent and NO fabric softener for a month and see if there's an improvement.

its could be an allergy or skin could be really sensitive and you might want to aska doctor if they can give you something or keep it commando

it sounds like they might be too tight, go up a size bigger in the 100 percent cotton, i had the same problem. it was awful. and i went through different brands of undies till i found the right loose comfy fit.

Yes. I have the same problem. Get underwear without the "Latex" elastic around the leg area. Also stay away from the lycra/and or polyester. I buy my underwear at Sears. The legs openings are completely made of cotton. The same thing happens to me with bras. I constantly have a rash and pimples around the underside of my breasts. Yes, it's an allergy. Also, try to use "Unscented" detergents when you wash your clothes.
I developed a golf-ball sized cyst in my groin from the elastic 'nipping' at my skin. And am now plagued with an open wound that I need to treat for 7 months at a time. Make sure the underwear is 100% cotton. I don't have the name brand with me, and they are very hard to find. But check Sears, and JCPenney. It is quite possible it's the latex in the elastic that you are allergic to. Good Luck.

More than likely. My mom breaks out from anything but cotton. Synthetic fibers are hard on the skin.

It could be that you are allergic to the elastic. Many people are allergic to latex, not sure what elastic is made from. Why not try to find some pants that tie at the sides. Generally available from places like Ann Summers. Or you could try cami knicker style so that the elastic is only at the waist. that would alleviate the personal and crease related problems. Also these are not usually stretchy so the elastic would not be running through them. Also maybe you can get bras with the elastic in some casing so that its not against your skin.

You could wash all your underwear in something like Ecover if you can get it. (I find that best) Definitely not biological washing powder. Also do not use fabric conditioner and if you can, set your washing machine to do an extra rinse.

You could get a clotrimazole thrush cream to rub on the external areas in case the problem is fungal. If it turns out to be fungal, lay off the sweet sugary foods, drink plenty and get regular exercise to work off the blood sugars.

Mary Grace
Try to find 100% cotton undies. Also, you may try washing them in a detergent made for people with allergies. It could be our detergent or your detergent reacting with material in your undies.

Good luck!

If it doesn't clear up, you should consider a visit to a dermatologist.

Wounded Duck
Could be!

Ken F
We thought this was the case also, but we were experiencing this with 100% cotton material also, so we suspected something in our laundry detergent. We tried reducing the amount of detergent or increasing the rinse volume (using 'large' setting for a 'medium' load) or using the rinse cycle twice. For the most part, the problem seems to be resolved. Since then, we have also switched to more natural laundry detergents from Trader Joe's...the rashes have not returned.
When doing your laundry, make sure you are not overloading the load...this can result in a poor rinse. Detergent that does not properly rinse can result in rashes, which are not necessarily an allergic reaction.

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