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Can you be allergic to your period?
can you be allergic to your period for real? i wonder a lot cause i always get like a cold, sore throat or sinus problem every time i have a period. i also swell alot all over and get kinda dizzy too. what the heck is going on?

I have the same symptoms as you but I think it is part and parcel of PMS i dunno could be wrong.

Liberty Belle
i would find it unusual for you to be allergic to your menses - as is is created by your body - though stranger things have happened in medical history. More likely you could be having a reaction to the change in hormones, causing the cold like symptoms or it could even be a reaction to the products you use to manage your menses such as pads, tampons or medications.

Try http://www.gladrags.com (i think) they sell all natural products. if the symptoms persist, go see your doctor.

I dont' know this for sure, but I think its probably because your immune system gets a little tweaked by all of the hormones. I know I almost always feel a bit sick too. I would recommend a vitamin supplement with a lot of iron, it would probably help.

talk to you g.y.n... he can prescribe you something for that... i get sick.. diareah, swell up....

Queen of the Dust Mites
A true allergic reaction is when your body is producing IgE which is verifiable by a blood test. You aren't allergic to your period, but because of the change in your hormone levels can affect the immune system, you are also more likely to catch a cold. Stress is also another immune system factor. So if you noticed this awhile back and now as your period approaches you stress over whether or not you are going to get sick, the added stress will actually increase the chances of your getting sick. The swelling is common (it is water) so avoid salt around that time. You might want to check your blood pressure to see if low BP is causing the dizziness. Try not to stress over this. Mother Nature says you are going to be doing this every month for while :o)

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