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 How can i get rid of a stuffed up nose???
I have major congestion in my nose. 2moro i hav a big speech andn i need my nose cleared up. at is the best way 2 do it? please help!!...

 My brother just swallowed a bit of peanut butter...he's allergic. What do I do?
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 Im lactose intolerant............hel...
What products can i use when im lactose intolerant?...

 Tomatoe Allergy?
Whenever I eat tomatoes in any shape or form my noise gets blocked up and then start to run - does this mean that I'm allergic?

What could I do to counteract this as I love tomatoes?...

 I think my skin is beginning to break out with an allergic reaction, how to prevent it from getting worse?
I will see the doctor tomorrow, but what can i do to temporarily better? And is there a minimum number of days that the reaction gets worse, then it gets better? (cause last two times i saw the ...

 Sometimes I cough and yellow stuff come out, what is it?

 Would going on a roller coaster ride stop an alergic reaction?
When a person has a bad allergic reacion they are given epinephrine (adrenaline). If someone went on a really scary ride would it stop the reaction?
Additional Details
Or at least save ...

 Question about alleriges....?
I have really bad allergies to pollen. I live in an area highly populated with trees. But, for some reason, my allergies are much worse when I go into the city for work. Can anyone tell me why ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to adrenaline?
I started having really bad allergic reactions about 2 years ago. They are not just at home either. It will happen while away from home for a week, or even if I am away from home for the day.

 I Need Help .. Allergies?
my doctors tell me I have allergies. My head feels like heavy and ballonish, the back of my neck hurts. I have tried the allergy medicine that has the decongestine in it, it makes my heart race, then ...

 Is there a shot to stop allergies to cats?
Someone told me there was but i dont know if it's true. I'm allergic to cats and dogs....

 Is it bad to take Benadryl EVERY night?
Does anyone know if this is bad? I suffer from seasonal allergies really bad and have tried EVERYTHING but nothing works except Benadryl......Im just afraid it could be harmful to take every single ...

 Nose bleed help it just wont stop its been going on for days and days?

 How do i do this???
Hey, i'm very much so allergic 2 ciggarett smoke & most my friends smoke... how do i ask them to quit smokin' round me???...

 Does anyone have allergies where your nose is stuffed up, but dry? I get this indoors all the time.?

Additional Details
I have tried saline spray, and it doesn't work at all. I am convinced this is an allergic reaction, because it comes and goes so quickly. I can be in class, step ...

 I have an eczema, but what can i do to find out the source of itch?
i have an eczema, but what can i do to find out the source of itch?...

 Worth 10 points... Am I having an allergic reaction to something ???
I am a 38 year old female that has never been allergic to nothing.

My problem has been going on for about 3 months now. I went to my doctor and she says i am allergic to something. So ...

 Is it possible to become allergic to cats, even if you have owned them most of your life without symptoms?
I have an indoor cat, and outdoor ones too, and for the past few months I have noticed how much more I'm sneezing, ( not just from being trapped indoors through cool months) and even last spring/...

 What type of allergy can cause sinus pressure and headaches?
i am allergic to cat dander, dust, amd ragweed. recently found out allergic to milk get bad diahrea and gas pains. what foods can cause congestion, sinus pressure , headaches itchy ears. have ...

 My sis is allergic to lik all types of metal-nickel,gold,silver-... gets an ictchy rash how'd U stop the itch
Any particular anti itch remedies that might make it easier to wear metal? She can't wear a watch or a belt w/out breaking out
Additional Details
She can't wear a watch or a ...

Can you be allergic to watermelon?
Whenever I eat melon or watermelon, my stomach bloats severly and it hurts - Almost like the feeling you get when you eat way too much food, but a little more painful. Any ideas?
Additional Details
It's not overeating - I only eat a little, and I bloat and hurt and get a little gassy /:

i'm not, but you might be. stop eating it, keep Benedryl handy, and see an allergist.

you can be allergic to any food but most likely you are over eating and the water retaining in your body

Does it make your mouth itch too? You may have oral allergy syndrome. Your melon allergy could be linked with latex or it may be linked with an allergy to ragweed. Do you get hayfever in August and September?
I used to be allergic to watermelon. Just getting the juice on my skin made me break out in a rash. It would give me a stomache too.

Sharron G
I don't know why you can't be. I know someone allergic to strawberries.
Your doctor is the best place to turn. Make it a point to stop eating it until you have a chance to visit him.

Jill: K.M.A.A.
Human beings can be allergeric to everything from food to sunlight!

I'm allergic to all fruit. I'm not even joking! So yes, some fruit makes my mouth and throat swell, some gives me a rash and others give me horrible stomach cramps. I'm not sure if the stomach cramps are an allergy, but it mostly happens with "tropical" fruit and melons..like bananas, watermelon, pineapple for me..I still have an itchy throat with them, as well..So yes, you can def be allergic!

you can be allergic to any kinds of food

Yes. Being allergic to melons is a sign that you could be allergic to latex.

Sounds more like a food intolerance. I suggest you just stay away from it. You can be tested for it at the doctors, but it sounds more like your body just can't tolerate it. Have you tried out any of the other melons? Also it could be chemicals that they treat the watermelon with. My daughter is allergic to pesticides.

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