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i've heard allergy tests(to see if your alergic to something)hurt really bad and are pointless, is this true?...

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 Nut allergies epi pen?
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 Is the nose connected to the throat?

Can there be an allergic reaction to titanium when used as a plate in the neck after surgery?
I recently had neck surgery and a Titanium plate was placed. I have a terrible allergy to nickel and wonder if there has been any reported allergies to Titanium!

Is it possible..almost anything is possible...but i wouldn't think so...that one of the main reason titanium is used.

It's possible.

I can't stand to touch silver for more than maybe half a minute.

yea might be but if you dont see any sighns that your allergic I wouldn't be worried.

No. I've never seen or heard of allergy to titanium.

Try not to think about your allergies, b/c you can actually suggest a reaction to yourself. If you get a manifestation of symptoms, get it checked out. Otherwise your nickel allergy is not in anyway going to increase4 your chance of an allergy with titanium which is a more stable metal

There can be an allergy to anything. Even water. But Ti is very non-allergenic. I'm sure it would be extremely rare for you to be allergic to titanium, nickel on the other hand is common. You will know soon enough if there is a problem and I'm sure your dr can work around it, maybe with adamantium or something. I have a half adamantium, paladuim implant and it's great.

Your probably not allergic to the titanium, it's probably your body's way of adjusting to the foreign item in your body..give it some time to adjust. But if you are experiencing any unusual problems contact a doctor.

I have 2 cervical spine surgeries since 2001 and am held together with donor bone, titatinium plates, hinges and screws.

I am allergic to many metals....nickel is a primary one. Only ones I can have contact with are High grade sterling silver, platinum, and, of course, the titanium.

Titanium does not have any nickel in it...and is the safest to use with this type of surgery.

Have no worries Hon.

riloh keen
titanium can be produced in many different grades, but medical titanium is usually quite pure, and non-allergenic. (that's why they USE titanium.)

Having an allergy to titanium is extremely rare. It isn't like most metals at all. This article isn't really pertaining to you as it is for allergy's on the skin but answers your question. However some plates used in surgery can contain other metals besides titanium



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