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 Why won't doctors give my boyfriend an allergy shot?
My boyfriend has allergies and has gotten allergy shots before. When he asks doctors to give him allergy shots now, they always say no and prescribe him some medication that won't work. He ...

 Is anyone else allergic to iodine?
I am allergic to iodine in contrast dyes and argued with my doctor about it. (he was not my regular doctor). He told me that a person cannot be allergic to iodine because their own body produces it....

 If I had an allergic reaction for seafood on wednesday, and had 2 shots for that, and am on pills as well,?
and still itching, can i have fruit_...

 Alleric reaction......?
i have had a sudden allergic reaction to an insect bite i think, i have been to the hospital but things are yoyo-ing as in getting better and then worse , should i be really worried as its only ...

 Have you ever heard of someone developing an allergy to gold?
My wedding ring and engagement ring are leaving a red scaley rash on my fingers. :-( Should I have them reset in platinum, or is it likely I'd be allergic to that, too? (Do they have any of ...

 What is glycolysis?

 Is there any way to totally eliminate cat dander from my home?
I have had chronic hives for the last seven months. The same amount of time that we have lived in a new house. I recently went to the doctor for allergy tests and found out that I am highly/severly ...

 Allergies HELP!?!?
My boyfriend and I live in an apartment and he is suffering from allergies really badly. We can not figure out where the allergy is coming from and have cleaned everything. Any Ideas?

 Excessive tearing in only one eye what could cause this?
an otherwise healthy person,albeit one with a past history of tear duct blockage though not in many years,one who hasnt been around anything which could cause an allergy,so what could cause this?...

 I got my nose pierced 2 months ago and i always seemed to have a little red bump on the side of it?
i tried sea salt n dial soap but nothin works. i was told if i take out the piercing the bump will go down but i have run out of options and i am very upset... i just want the bump to go away. Im at ...

 Is there anybody else who is allergic to a state, or certain region??
No i am not kidding. i am allergia to Florida...well not the actually state since you cannot be allergic to the ground, just whatever grows and or lived there. I went to my allergist and he siad im ...

 Lactose intolerant?
What are some symptoms of being lactose intolerant? And is there such thing to be lactose intolerant to mainly just ice cream?...

 I am not sure if i have allergic pink eye or a bacterial, but after a day its got better. shud i were contats
i have been puting in none perscription eye drops. does that mean that it is ...

 Anyone esle allergic too...?
Peanuts, lentils, broth, beans and bean sprouts ?

Why am i cursed with this, what i would call condition?...

 What kind of allergic reaction is this?
I am doing this project for teen living. We were given a list of symptoms and I can narrow it down to an allergic reaction but I don't know what kind of allergic reaction it is. Here are the ...

 Could I be allergic to certain beers?
Whenever I drink certain beers my lips get swollen and very red. Is that normal, or a possible allergy? What is it in the beer that causes it?

When I take shots this does not happen, ...

 What happens when a person that has allergies takes acetylsalicylic acid?
I have allergic rhinitis and since i was younger the doctors told my mom that i was allergic to acetylsalicylic acid, so i couldn't take it. And i never did, but now there is a medication that i ...

 My hamsters eye seems to be infected, any ideas on what to do?

 Can you have an allergic reaction to cigarettes?
I want to know if I will have an allergic reaction if I smoke, but I dont know if it's possable...Please Help!...

 Male/30,i m daily taking 2-3 cough syrup bottels now i want to quit kindly suggest me any medicine,Delhi,INDIA
hi i am male/30, i m daily taking 2-3 cough syrup bottels like phensedrill, recodex, now i want to quit kindly suggest me any medicine, which is i can easy to buy in INDIA, state of Delhi medicine ...

Can people with egg allergies eat "Egg Beaters" without having a reaction?

Yahoo User 91
NO! Egg beaters are made from eggs. BEWARE.


If all you're allergic to is the yolk, then maybe. They still contain traces of yolk, but basically they are 99.5% egg whites.

yes. but they may be a bit hard.

i thought that was the whole point of them, you can eat them if you cant eat regular eggs.

No. The reason for egg beaters is for people who want to avoid the fat and cholesterol that comes in the yolk of whole eggs. If you have an egg allergy, don't eat egg beaters.

You might try substituting tofu. It has kind of an eggy texture.

NO! Egg beaters are made from egg whites. If you are allergic to eggs, do not eat these.

Visit your local natural foods store and find a true egg-substitute. The subs come in both powdered form (great for cooking/baking) and liquid form (though I don't recommend eating them scrambled... ick).

Best of luck!

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