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candy c
Can people who are allergic to shellfish eat imitation crab meat?

NO NO NO NO NO!!! It is also a shellfish, or eats shellfish.

I wouldn't try it, why take the risk


Well you know what hun, I used to think that because it says its imitation, that it was all made of products that replicate the "Real Deal" and that it didn't have anything in it that was of anything to do with fish at all, until I saw on the cooking channel, how it's made... There's very little crab in it, but there is indeed actual crab in it... They do however use alot of additives in it, and ever since I saw that I just quit buying it all together.. They even use dye for the coloring to make it look like the "Real Deal".. So, when I found out how much artificial things they used, I simply opted not to continue buying it, for my family at all.. And just buy Real Salmon instead, since I live in a State where real good seafood is hard to come by....... Hope I was of some help to you and your friends or loved ones.... I used to have a friend who was allergic to lobster, and he'd take us all out to eat, and he'd even eat it himself.. And complain while doing it, about how his throat was going to swell up afterwards, but how much he just loved the taste of it. So, it just basically depends upon the person, and how willing they are to go through all of the side effects of eating and enjoying the taste, you know... But imitation crab has very little crab in it, so it shouldn't effect this person (your speaking of ) all too much, if that makes you feel a little better about it.. Smile!!!!

It is quite possible that they could indeed safely eat imitation crab meat. It is made from regular fish, not shellfish. My brother has the opposite problem. He is allergic to regular fish but can safely eat shellfish.

Some kinds, yes. Be very VERY careful. If you can eat other kinds of fish besides shellfish you may be ok. Some imitation crabmeat is made of things like cod. Read the ingredients.

Personally, I wouldn't reccommend geting into the habit of eating the imitation kind anyway- what if you're in a restaraunt and they don't know the ingredients of the kind they use? If you get it from a fish counter, the imitation kind is also kept right next to the real kind, and there might be some cross contamination. So even if some of it is technically safe- it's a risk.

Imitation crab meat is made out of pollack or cod, a firm white fish. The problem you may want to look out for is how they flavor it. Sometimes they take the shells of crabs and boil them to get real crab flavor. That would be a problem. Read the ingredient label. If it says natural flavor - Look Out.

I dunno

Had a friend that could eat lobster

BUT not the langastino fake that the food service co used and called it lobster,

She made some big $$ on that one

Yes. Immitation crab meat has not shellfish in it at all. They take whole gutted, decapatated pollack, and dump them in a centrafuge with water, calcium carbonate and a few other things, and out pops a big block of surimi, aka immitation crab meat. It undergoes both a physical and chemical change.
One of those machines costs $1 million. I use to work on commercial fishing boats in Kodiak, AK.

i will not say yes or no because im not your doctor and i dont want to get sued.... but Imitation crab meat is typically made out of pollack which is a fish....sometimes they use other types of fish.

if that doesnt answer your question, call a doctor or a nursing line - alot of companies offer some kind of nurses assistance hotline, so you may want to ask your HR person at work about this

Probably because it is usually made from a specific type of whitefish. But it doesn't have set regulations, so they could technically make it out of whatever they want...

I think so, it should say on the package what it's made from. Probably cod, which is not shellfish.

A Non Blond Mom
yes because imitation crabmeat is made from fish

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