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 Itchy Throat?
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 Penicillian allergy?
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 Allergies, Hayfever, Sinusitus???
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 Irritation 2 my left eye is drivin me mad! 1st I thought it was a hair under my eye-lid, there's nothin. Help!
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 How many people do you know..?
that are allergic to colors?...

 Does Zyrtec work in the same way as Claritin?
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 Dust mites -- do they cause harm?
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 Use of Tea Tree Oil for sinus/allergy problems?

 Is any one out there addicted to cat nip?
I am, should i be worried, its in all my special tea's i drink and i cant get enough, iv found my self rubbing up my very own cat nip plant now. Should i be worried or is this normal?...

Can one be allergic to just sawdust?
That seems to be causing all my symptoms. cannot sleep, help!
Additional Details
acting up like crazy, what is good medicine to stop sneezing?

jane B
It does sound like its triggering allergy symptoms (sneezing, coughing, water eyes, etc).

If your eyes are bothering you, try rinsing them out with cool water. Check out this site for allergy home remedies:


Click on the allergies link on the left. Good Luck!

The nose knows. It's pasted on your face to react to irritants such as sawdust, house dust, pollen and etc. Ebony wood produces a toxic sawdust when cut, other woods also have saps and resins that may affect you, even when you just handle them. Also mother of pearl (not a wood) is toxic.

The sawdust can be an irritant. And considering how it is possible to be allergic to certain kinds of pollen, an allergy to sawdust is not impossible.

Danielle P
Possibly if you are actually allergic to the type of tree they are using.

yes, I am, and also included in that and the cause is the sap in that tree. As with other allergies you can help treat the symptoms by taking an anti-histamine preferably 1 hr BEFORE contact with the allergen, and of course avoiding inhaling the dust (wear mask) or touching the sap or wood (wear gloves). A non drowsy medication ,especially if you are working with power tools or driving, like "AERIUS" can provide a full 24 hrs of relief making your day and night a little more tolerable. See www.aerius.ca for more info on the active ingredient, and any contraindications.

Sure it can...it might not be as much of an allergen as an irritant.

If its poorly maintained, just being airborne can irritate anyone...

Try to get it cleared up as best as you can.

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