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 Difference between dairy allergy and lactose intolerance?
I just recently obtained an allergy to dairy although i don't know that much about it. I also know that sometimes stuff is lactose free but it's not dairy free. (it always annoys me when i ...

 What to do when nicotine patches will cause you a rash?
I have tried to quit smoking many times and found that the patches work best... I tried the gum and it was not effective @ all. The only problem with the patch is that I get a rash @ the site of the ...

 Is nasonex same thing as n nose cleaner or saline spray?

 If you're constantly feeling weak and unwell, what could you be suffering from?

 Why does this happen when i eat fruit?
whenever i eat fruit (especialy bananas and apples) my throat itches really badly.... am i allergic to something in them???...

 Ive got a bad dust allergy, i live in the uk so what meds would you recommend?
i had a rst count done which was 342 and i was told 80 was high, i feel rough everyday and i've tried most ...

 Allergic reaction to certain fruits, vegetables, & nuts?
This began when I was about 10 years old (I'm 32 now), but more recently I seem to be growing sensitive to an increasing number of things. Whenever I talk to people about the reaction I get, ...

 Is there anything that can get rid of a scratchy throat & a runny nose???
i know theres medicines but which ones are da best? and what is the best things to eat?...

 Is anyone else allergic to jeans?
I am allergic to jeans, i get a rash and have not warn then for years....

 No allergy, but FLU all year round??
I dont have any allergies which could cause me to get this horrible cold every week, it really is interfering in my studies and i would appreciate if anyone who has had a similar experience to plz ...

 Allergic reaction help! I just started taking Bactrim yesterday and am having a reaction to it.?
This night, I took my third pill. My skin is extremely itchy and starting to swell. My eyes are itchy. I also take Ritalin and Metadate CD. Would any of these affect the other? What is the best ...

 If I have developed some sort of allergy to an ingredient in beer, could it act similar to food poisoning?
I'm no wuss, I can take a hangover. But recently, I'd say within the past month or so, I've started having some unusual symptoms. And it's not from drinking a lot- this happened ...

 Almonds make me terribly ill, is there a nut that has a less of an allergic reaction to it?
I can eat peanut butter but only in small quantities....

I have kind of bad allergies to dust, dogs, cats, pollen, the doctor said its in my genes...since my parents were born in a hot region and lived there all there life thats why im allergic to these ...

 What eye drops cause diarrhea?

 My husband got hives right after taking lorazepam and took benadryl that night and still had hives the next?
day - doctor said it wasn't from the meds - wouldn't that be the obvious answer?...

 How can you nose be runny and stopped up at the same time? my friend is having difficulties and wants to know?
she blows it and nothing comes out also..i dont know whats wrong with ...

 Do allergies go hand in hand?
i'm highly allergic to bug bites, but not bee stings. Duct tape adhesive, but not glue. Cheez-its and pringles, but not other snack foods. and also polyester. I'm also lactose intolerant, ...

 Is It Allergies?
Please help me. I have been having a stuffed up nose for a month and chapped lips and coughing. I'll say stuff tht might be it so please ur best answer:I have 2 cats and a dog and i always sleep ...

 When I Drink MILK?
I get really really bad gas and bloaded,,,,
Does that mean that My childhool alergy is back Or am I lactose intoterante?
Additional Details
I used to be very alergic to milok when I ...

Can i be allergic to black dress socks (sunday socks)?
cause my feet have red spots all over them, and i think they're worse after i wear my church socks.

no, you're allergic to the church.. stay away

you may be allergic to the dyes- dark dyes can be harsh

Disinfect them in case they have little bugs in them, If that doesn't help, you may be allergic to the material they are made from.

So wear white dress socks instead, or just don't wear black socks if it only happens on Sundays.


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