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 I need some advice. What should I do?
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 HELP! Allergy Problems!?
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Can having allergy shots make you feel itchy all over for a few days?

when i get my 3 allergy shots my arms can get very big and look like their swolllen and hurt like a *itch sometimes.

If they are giving you immunotherapy allergiy shots, they are actually injecting a minute amount of the allergen, so your body learns to defend itself against the allergen.
My son is allergic to bees, and was injected with bee venom for five years, but in tiny, tiny amounts. That is why you have to wait for a bit after the shot, to make sure you do not go into anaphylaxsic shock, a bad reaction.
I recommend telling you allergist that you feel this way, make sure they don't need to cut back the amount of immunotherapy you are getting.
Or it could be the injection site itslef, the muscle may be reacting to the injection...sometimes it can be as simple as the person that is injecting you...everyone has a different technique. But only the doctor can help you find a solution.

Yes, but if you are having that kind of reaction they should cut back on the dose they are giving you

No I believe that it is the tree pollen. It is really high right now. It is not the shot, but what you are allergic to. It is either that or leprosy.

Allergy shots certainly can cause your whole body to itch for a few days after injection. I also receive allergy shots weekly.. in fact I'm sitting in the waiting room right now. I suffered 2 anaphylactic reactions while receiving shots & was administered epinephrine right away.

If you're not taking an anti-histamine currently, it's a good idea to ask you doctor about considering them. If you are, you may need to start taking steroids such as prednisone. I myself take Singulair & Zyrtec-D daily as well as prednisone on the day of the shots.

Hope this helps!

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