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Can coughing from bronchitis make your ribs really sore and tender?

The Terminator
thats your body rejecting your lungs

yes it sure can, ouch! It gets better though, trust me.

Mag B
yes they can but also ur stomack muscles as well i would check with the doctor ro something dont go around suffering with em have it checked out and there should b a medicine they can use for the bronchitis to help u stop coughing as much

Yes it can. I use to get it every winter.

Absolutely, ribs, chest, back, stomach.....I've even had my head and neck hurt from coughing so much with bronchitis or mycoplasmic pneumonia. Also, a friend of mine coughed so much she actually separated a rib.....When you force so much air in and out of your lungs, it stretches those tendons between your ribs....They can even be sore a few days after you quit coughing, too.

yes it normal......

yes it can stay in bed get rest and don't do that much and the best thing to do when ur coughing put a pillow on ur stomach and press it down and that will help while ur coughing


Yes, I have had this happen. If it gets worse you need to see a doctor and ask for a subscription strength cough medicine.

Yes. Also it can make your chest more sore too and your throat of course. I used to get bronchitis quite a bit afew years back and this always happened to me.

yes it can because all your muscles tighten up and therefore can be very painful

it's more your stomach muscles that get sore


Absolutely! When you cough over and over again and it is such a strong, deep cough, you use the muscles in your chest, sides and back. I even threw my back out once when I had bronchitis. Advil or Tylenol help with the soreness. You are basically giving these muscles a serious workout. It's not the most comfortable way to work your abs, obliques and back muscles but at least there is something positive from being sick.
Try taking Musinex to loosen up your chest and make it easier to cough the mucus up. That way you won't strain your muscles as much.
I hope you get better soon!

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