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just me
Can codeine cause a headache?
I am on cough syrup with codeine for bronchitis, I also have a sinus infection. It seems like whenever I take it I get a headache. Is this a normal side effect or is it maybe just because I have such a bad sinus infection that it is causing the headache?


Tommy Boy
In the past I have used Codeine to get rid of headaches so I don't think so.

It sure can

Are you having a fever at night?
For the headache take Tylenol .this is because you have a very bad sinus infection .If you have a reaction to the codeine you will be nauseated every time you take it, otherwise stop taken the medicine and go back to see your doctor.

A Friend
Prenergran /with codeine is really good stuff, although a headache might be a side effect, which I don't think is your problem, but even if it was, I think your sinus problem may be what is giving you the headache, I am currently taking that cough syrup /with codeine right now too, I like it because every time I take it, it really relieves my cough and takes it away, but I'm talking (in all the years I've taken it), not just nightly, all I need is 1 teaspoon every night.

My nursing drug book stated that a headache is an adverse effect.

I no longer use codeine for pain. It took me several tries and headaches to finally realize that it was the codeine was what was giving me the headache. Use sinus tylenol for your sinus headache.

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