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 What type of sinuses or allergies causes you to give you puffy eyelids?

 When i eat apples my lips become swollen and blotchy???
but this is only when i eat them by bititng chunks off, not when i slice them up into peices, what and why is this??? because it seems to be with all apples but i like the taste of them???

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 Does anyone know what exactly causes pink eye?
everyone in our house has had it this last week...it wont go away!!! Its driving us crazy! Weve even been to the dr.,but nothing is REALLY working and this crap is annoying!!!
Is it some kind of ...

 Please help me to find any soap: body soap, dish-washing soap or laundry soap?
I am allergic to some items in soap. They are polymers and lye. It turns out all soap products have lye in them, and all of them that I can find on the net have polymers in them, often under ...

 Annoying runny nose! Help!?
Okay so i have a pretty annoying runny nose and i can't stop blowing my nose and sniffling like every second. I couldn't even sleep last night because it was so runny and stuffy at the same ...

 Whith what disease might a person be suffering with the following symptoms?
reddening of eye, blood in urine,motions with blood,stomach pain, vomiting and fever....

 Can you be allergic to darkness?
Forgive my lack for a better word in place of allergic, but is it possible?
Additional Details
by darkness, i mean lack of light.. ...

 Blocked nose and ears, itchy eyes and throat :(?
I have had a blocked nose, itchy eyes, itchy throat (you know where u wana shove a tootbrush to the back! but cant) blocked ears for around 3 weeks now. been having hayfever tablets everyday, but my ...

 Can a wasp sting trigger an allergy to nuts? ?
My colleague got stung by a wasp yesterday and had a bad reaction to it. Now she has an epipen and says it is for an allergic reaction to nuts. Apparently the wasp sting made her allergic to nuts. Is ...

 Toothpaste Allergies?
Is there just a thing as one being allergic from using ...

 Question about the allergy tablet Cetrizine known as zrytec ?
Hi for a while now me and my mum have seen taking the allergy tablet Zrytec, but a while back they changed the name on the box and they were listed as Cetrizine Hydrochloride which is now on the ...

 Food intolerance?
How bad can it be?
Additional Details
Got tested recently and found to have an intolerance to certain food groups,I did not think it was as bad as an allergy....

 Runny/Stuffed Nose and a terrible Sore Throat...HELP!?
Its 7:25am at the moment and I've only gotten 3 hrs of sleep and its my husbands birthday today....my family is coming over for a party and I'm horribly sick...It started last night when I ...

 Orange lumps at very back of throat, what are they?
There is a bach of about 10 orange, lumps. mabye puss. they have been there for at least 5 months. is this a nut ...

 Sinus and allergy question - how to cope and what to take?
I have constant sinus headaches and get a lot of sinus infections along with regular migraines that I think start for allergy and sinus issues.

Wanted to see if anyone out there also has ...

 Question about the prescriptions Zyrtec and Singulair?
Is it safe to take both zyrtec and singulair at the same time, as well as with a nose spray? My doctor prescribed me to take zyrtec and singulair every night and a nose spray every moring. I just ...

 Is it poss to be allergic to someone? Certain people make my neck red and itchy after a long hug or kiss-why?
I don't think perfume is the reason. Could body chemistry, diet or human skin dander cause an allergic reaction the same way an animal- like a cat or dog does?I am allergic to some dogs and all ...

 Have you experienced sudden itchiness on the neck?
sometimes my neck suddenly itchess so much and turns red. i'm not allergic to any food. this just happens out of the blue. i wonder if anyone knows the cause and has a similar experience....

 Mosquito Bites!!!?
I was in the Mississippi Delta last night and I was ATTACKED by mosquitoes. Like I have 11 bites on the top of one foot alone. They are everywhere. I need something to help with the itching QUICK!...

Can an un-born baby have food allergies.?
Was looking at a jar of peanut butter today and wondered if a pregnant woman ate peanuts and the baby had a nut allergy, what would happen?
Because some people have bad nut allergies that can kill them.


the baby only gets the nutrients not the actual food.

little mama
That's a good question....I bet they can. That might explain some of the times there are miscarriages that can't be explained otherwise.

Like people have said if a pregnant woman eats a lot of peanuts then the baby might have a higher risk of a peanut allergy. It wouldn't affect the baby while it was in the womb but it would when the baby was born. My brother was born with eczema and some of the creams used for that had peanut oils in them, he has a life threatening peanut allergy and scientists have found a link between the creams and the allergy. So basically a high exposure to something like peanuts when the child is very vulnerable could cause a higher risk of nut allergy but it wouldn't kill the baby while it was in the womb.

Marty B
Unborn babies don't eat food. They get nutrients directly from the umbilical cord in the womb. Food allergies will not present until the baby actually eats the food.

There have been studies recently that suggest the fetus is sensitized in utero if the mother eats peanuts while pregnant, and will therefore develop an allergy to them.
It is unlikely to have an allergic reaction to it while in the womb, because antibodies have to first form against a food after the birth, and after the food is eaten by the baby.
Peanut allergies are life threatening to those who suffer from anaphylaxis. That's when you have such a severe allergy to something, your airways swell to the point you cannot get air, and is fatal if you don't receive proper emergency medical attention.
You are very wise to ask this question.
My one-year-old son has severe food allergies, along with anaphylaxis. He IS one of the children being born these days with life threatening peanut allergy. I cannot tell you how many peanut butter sandwiches I ate while I was pregnant with him, along with a glass of milk. I thought I was eating healthy.
He also suffers anaphylaxis from wheat. He has an egg allergy, and a milk allergy.
If I knew then one iota of what I know now from reading every thread of information I can get my hands on to educate myself and other family members about his condition...I would have NEVER taken the first bite!
Theoretically, yes they can develop an allergy, but not have a life threatening reaction in the womb, because the mother is the life force at that time.
Babies born with peanut allergies has doubled (yes doubled) in the past five years, and no one knows why. I will always believe this was the case in my baby's situation.
I highly recommend to any pregnant mother avoid eating peanuts in any form or fashion. I don't wish living in this fearful little box my family has been put into on any innocent child. Just simply don't do it. Better to be on the side of caution than not to.

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