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Can allergies develop suddenly?
Just recently I have been sneezing an awful lot and getting rashes on my skin. I thought at first it might be hayfever, and thought nothing of it. But today, I spent the day at my boyfriend's house and had none of the symptoms there.
I just arrived home and my two golden retrievers came to me and I stroked them. A few seconds later I was getting an itching sensation in my arms, and I can't stop sneezing.
Is it possible that I have developed an allergy to my dogs, and if so what is the best way to cope with it... I can't bear to part with my dogs because they're like part of my family. I'd rather suffer than have to see them go somewhere else.

It is absolutely possible that you have developed allergies later in life. Both my husband and I have gotten allergies in our 30s. But it may not necessarily be your dogs. Have they been anywhere lately that is new? They may be rolling in something, catching something in their fur, or walking in something that is causing the allergies. Did you do anything new to your home? Could it be pollen (trees, grass or flowers) in your neighborhood that isn't in your boyfriend's neighborhood? The dogs may be getting into something that is also causing a reaction. Give them a bath in something you know won't caused a reaction in you. Try taking some over the counter meds, like Benadryl, Alavert, or Chlortrimaton. If this doesn't relieve the symptoms, you may need stronger meds that you can get through a prescription.

Yes it possible to develop new allergies. You can get meds so you don't have to get rid of your dogs. Or they may need a bath because they got into something in the yard you are allergic to.

♥ hello_kitty_xoxo ♥
yes they can take some benadryl. also call a allergen Dr and set up an allergy test to make sure that is it .

Chad[loves you]
yes it's true

Michael B
Chances are you have developed an allergy. Best thing to do is find an allergist (Dr. specializing in allergies) and have allergy testing performed. He can then put you on a medicine, nasal spray, or shot regimen to keep your allergies in check. I've had allergies (BAD) all of my life and was able to keep my dog and birds.

well yes. i never had them until three years ago

Yes allergies can be developed or worsen over time.

But don't jump into the conclusions that the dogs are responsible, maybe they are getting in contact with something that get you the allergic reaction.

There are tratments that can help you overcome the allergy. I read that there is a treatment to cure people allergic to cats, so maybe the same goes for dogs if end up being the case.

There are tests that can pinpoint the real source of the allergy.

yes, i developed a food allergy a few years back that came on suddenly. i used to eat it all the time and now i wind up in the ER if i have just a little bit.

Unfortunately, it is possible to develop allergies. Ask your doctor about good allergy medications, that's the best way to cope.
I'm allergic to cats, and I've got two of them.

Unfortunately yes you apparently have developed a dog allergy.
Your body changes every 7 years so this does happen. AN allergic reaction is your body's immune system overreacting to something. In this case pet dander. Your best bet to start with is head to the store and try Claritan. Or talk to your Doctor about getting shots or other allergy medication.
Do not despair, it's just started and can be controlled so you may not have to get rid of your dogs.

Yes it is possible - if it is mild, Benadryl should do, but best thing would be to tell your doctor, they may be able to test you out to make sure it is the dog and not something else (like... did you change dog shampoo lately?)

Ann D
Yes you can devolpe an allergy to anything at any time.

Ask your pharmacist for an antihistamine there are lots on the market. That should help.

Good luck

Could it be possible that you are using a new brand of shampoo or flea killer or maybe even a different carpet deodorizer.

I am guessing if you asked this question you may not have health insurance or are waiting for a doctor's appointment to come. But, if not here is some advice, too.
Your dogs go in and outside and are probably accumulating crazy amounts of pollen. You mentioned that you stayed indoors at your boyfriends and had no symptoms, that would make sense with hay fever.
If your symptoms continue to progress and you limit your time outdoors than definitely get an allergy test.
Unfortunately, if you are suffering from extreme hay fever or just hay fever you will be somewhat allergic to your dogs because they go outside and collect indoor polleny dust.
I hope not, but as allergies grow worse later in life you may becoming allergic to your dog. Try to find a time when your sneezing and itchiness are at a low or totally gone and have contact with your dogs. An allergy attack to animal fur usually occurs within an hour of contact. Good luck!

Sure they can. My uncle took sulfur pills for years and one day all of a sudden he was violently allergic. Now if he took one he could die. So yes, your body can turn on you at any time.

Bad Girl
Yes it seems to happen often in the Washington DC metro area.

They can, my older sister suddenly became allergic to shellfish at 23.. We grew up eating it, now she has to carry an epy pen around.. she blows up like a balloon if she eats shellfish now

I'm in NYC & that's how I found out I had asthma...one day didn't have it...day after having a sever asthma attack.

It went away like that too...

Sue F
Allergies can develop and even change during your lifetime. I didn't develop
any allergies until I was in my twenties, and then some of those went away or even changed into something else when I was in my thirties.

You can try some of the over the counter allergy medications and see if they help, and then if the problem continues you should make an appointment with an allergist to figure out what is going on.

I am a pet lover also, and would not give up my cats or dog due to an allergy.
Please ignore what some obvious dog hater is saying on here. There are always ways to work these problems out.

It may well be something that the dogs are coming in contact with and you are reacting to that. Do not give up hope, or your dogs either.

I have had allergic reactions to various cleaners and freshers, and was even allergic to a fabric freshening product that was sold as an anti-allergen; so it takes a bit of research to figure out what works.

Good luck and have a good night.

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