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 When did you last have an allergic reaction?

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Can a person be allergic to cigarette smoke?
Is such a thing possible?

mitali i

Yes, I'm very allergic to smoke. I break out in hives and I can't breath if I'm around it.

Breathing difficulty - Burning in chest - Sore eyes - Tingly tongue- Runny nose. Yes

Yes! Smoking is a common risk factor for asthma in young children.

Yes you can have allergies to cigeratte smoke along with a number of things.


yes, i am.

sure they can

nurse curtis
I am glad that you asked this question.

The answer is you can be allergic to absolutely anything. My mother in law has an allergy to cigarette smoke and it gives her severe migraines.

sOuL dOcToR
Yes ! It is one of the most common allergies and 100% curable.
Just like any other allergy !

English gothic
it makes me choke discusting stuff

yes i am myself chest tigthness, headaches, coughing
if I'm around it to much it gets harder to breath

just me
I think it is an irritant more than an allergen. I am allergic to ragweed pollen. My eyes and throat swell and I sneeze so much my nose becomes sore. With cigarette smoke, I just sneeze, no swelling no long lasting effects.


Yes very much so... My son got Allergies from his father smoking around him

Yes I myself am alergicv to cigarett smoke because it makes me cough and I couldnt breath well

yes unfortunately.
even worse, a person can be addicted to cigarettes and be allergic..God forbid!

yes it is possible

Yes. I'm allergic to it. I get zits and eczema if I am around it too much.

yes, smoking once interfered with my allergies when around my sister.

NO! You can only be allergic to a protein. Smoke has no protein so therefore, it's chemically impossible to be 'allergic' to it. However.. it is an irritant and can cause runny nose, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, headache, etc.. just like exhaust fumes, but it's not a true allergy attack.

Oh, yes; a lot of people are. That's part of how the whole thing of making people go outside to smoke began. No one who is a non-smoker themselves likes the smell of cigarettes, but some people really get nauseous, or have asthma attacks as a reaction to cigarette smoke. I get nauseous, and sometimes cough and have a tightness in my chest as well, from second-hand smoke if it is in a closed space, or even if I am down-wind of someone smoking outdoors. I don't know if that's literally an allergy, or just sensitivity, since I used to smoke myself some 30 years ago.

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