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‚ô•Ello ‚ô• Vee ‚ô• E‚ô•
Bananas, kikis, certain nuts, avocados, and carrots make my throat itch... Why is that?
Could I be (slightly) allergic?

Dr Bob

You have food allergies! They are not necessarily slight as the itchy throat is only one of the things a food allergy may do, you should have yourself tested for specifics and avoid eating those things that may be harmful to you.

It is probably oral allergy syndrome. Do you have any problem when these things are cooked? It is related to pollen allergies. Desensitation shots for pollen allergies will probably also take care of your allergy to these foods.

Could be!
See your doctor about an allergy test for these items and any others that you suspect!

Bananas make my throat itch, I'm allergic to them.

I believe you have what is called Oral Allergy Syndrome. I get that from apples, peaches - anything with a pit/seeds. It is somehow connected with birch tree pollen. Check it out on the net.

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