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 I have strept throat, and Im allergic to penicillin, can take amoxicillin or keflex instead?
i dont have a way to go to the doctor because i have no money and no car, but i have these 2 med's here at the house, i know that they arent supposed to work if they sit there for so long, but ...

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 I suffer frm sinus but can't find wot I am allergic to? When I get up at 7:30am,y do I get stuffd nose 4 1hr?
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 Spring time allergies are hitting me harder then normal already. Any suggestions?
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 Has any one out there had a allergy due to cold weather during winter?
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 Do you have a home remedy for?
that allergy/sinus constant drainage tickle in the back of your throat that causes you to cough your head off (especially at night). I am a nurse and I've tried every OTC and Rx I have, but ...

 Im wheat intolerant could i be yeast intolerant?
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 Can an 8 month old child be allergic to all fruits?
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Sweet Potatoes

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 Why are childhood allergies, juvenile diabetes, and asthma so common today.?
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 What are the symptoms of this sickness I have?
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 Beer Allergy?
Whenever I drink beer (any kind except corona) I get this extremely full feeling and have a hard time breathing since I feel so full - has anyone heard of this or experienced this? If so is there ...

 What is an ideopathic allergy?

 Does beer make you break down with hives?
I changed beers about 5 months ago to Natural light from Miller Lite and started breaking down with hives. Was it the change of beer or could it have been something else. I'm taking pills for ...

 After my mum ate a handful of grapes her ears and tongue got itchy. This also happened before when she ate ?
kiwi fruit. Is she allergic?...

Bad taste in my mouth?
i've been having this bad taste in my mouth for over a week ever since cleaning up, there was heavy dust in the area, and it upset my allergies making me sneeze and cough. i'm assuming some dust got in my throat and i have to keep spitting . i always brush my teeth day and night, floss use mouth wash( i don't think i have a tooth infection). i gargled w/ salt water twice this week. do you think if i keep on gargling w/ salt water this bad taste will go away? or is there something else i should try?

fairly smart
On top of all what they above said...you need to clean more often so this doesn't happen!

i dont have a clue

does it taste like cow sikin??? or windows??? QUARk

its probably from your allergies.

robert m
Drink lots of Rum to cut the dust.

It could also be cotton mouth/dry mouth. If it persists, I would see your doctor or get a referral for an E.N.T. (ears nose throat). Good luck!

it is your allegies and you might want to get some alergie meds.

It sounds like you might be having a reaction to some of the meds you could be taking for allergies

probably you're getting a cold virus... drink more water to give a bath to your inner body. Or you might have some virus to your intestine...

Ted T
You say you were cleaning. Were you using one of those spray cleaners? They contain all sorts of horrible chemicals which can cause problems.

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Dust in the Wind
A bad taste can indicate several problems. You may well just have post nasal drip from the dust allergies (I have dust and mold allergy too). But, it can also indicate an infection of the sinus, tonsils, strep throat of even in your ear, or a bad tooth. Those of us who have allergies fight these things all the time. So, if its still there next week see the doctor.

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