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This probably should be in pets category,woops....

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At night my scalp itches like crazy!?
when I lay my head to sleep I cant get to sleep because my head itches that badly. I have to drink alcohol in order to get to sleep! I have tried scalp treatments like tgel,oiltrum,head n shoulders etc... nothing works. ive asked both my dermatologist and hair dresser and both said my scalp looks healthy? this is driving me insane please help anyone.

Can there be dust mites on your mattress or pillow? It is worth checking out because if you are only having severe itching at night, that is a likely cause.

Nick A
Maybe it's the cover for your pillow that irritates you. Try changing it. And don't sleep with any gel or anything in your hair, bad for the scalp.

Jimmy TightLips
It may be that you're allergic to the shampoo you're using. You'll need to keep buying different ones until you find one that isn't irritant.

look, don't make an itchy scalp an excuse for drinking. stop drinking because alcohol taxes every organ in your body and will make your scalp itch worse. make sure you don't have head lice. if not, then just wash hair with a mild shampoo, baby shampoo will do for now. then rinse it out and pour 7oz warm water mixed together with 1 oz of apple cider vinegar onto your head. make sure to rub this into your scalp. after a minute or so, just rinse clean with cool water. cool water is the key. the vinegar cleans out the open pores on your scalp and the cool water closes the clean pores. do not use conditioner or any other hair products and see the difference right away. the vinegar is a detangler as well.

This has nothing to do with your scalp and I'm surprised if you went to a derm that they didn't tell you that this is a case of Anxiety.

Which will occur when your body tries to settle down. Some people twitch, it could be an itchy foot. Anything. Something durring the day is getting to you and your probably surpressing it so when you lay still and try to drift off to sleep your body doesn't know how to shut down.

See your regular PCP and explain this. You probably have other symtoms that your overlooking.

Google anxiety and see if any of the symptoms fit you..during the day

Good Luck

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