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 If you have allergy injections once a week can it cause your arm to swell.?
My 7 year old daughter has allergy shots once a week and always seems to be reacting in some way. The lasy week she had one her arm swelled up. Not just the injection site but her whole upper arm. I...

 Weird Allergy?
I have been getting hive almost everyday on my hands, knees, and feet. I went to the doctor and he told me that I am actually allergic to anything cold, including air, coming into contact with my ...

 Its driving me crazy what do i do!!!!???
when am cleaning my house my alergies start and i dont know what it causes but my nose gets so itchy and my eyes really watery could it be the dust?...

 Two yr old has yellow feet...drinks alot of orange juice is there connection?
I have noticed his feet are yellow for last few weeks...nothing else is yellow. He has extreme amount of allergies and asthma and his main liquid is orange juice.
He has had so many problems so ...

 Is this an allergy?
Okay, so today I went round to my friends and she has a rabbit. I played with it and when i got home my eye was all red and puffy and bloodshot. Also I was wheezing. Is this an allergy?...

 Can anybody be allergic to hibiscus?
I have a rash that won't go away. And I think it's from the hibiscus?...

 Do I have allergies or something?
Okay so here are my symptoms: I don't quite feel sick but everyday I've been having a cough all day long. At night I get a really dry sore throat and a bad cough if I wake up plus a ...

 I am allergic to cats and if I come in contact with them, (even their hair left on a car seat) I break out!?
When I do break out, what kind of lotions or topical solutions work best in reducing the itching and the horrible rash/hives I get?...

 Is it possible that my allergies are being caused by playing my flute?
I recently brought my older flute back out of storage from being locked away for approx. 1 year and it has a funny smell (not musty, something different) and it makes my eyes, nose, mouth, and throat ...

 Whats wrong with me?
i have a runny stuffy nose my eyes water every time i blink i feel drowsy when i try to take a nap i just can't i don't have any alleriges and i don't know what to do i have tooken ...

 Why would a baby have a orange nose? I have seen this often times and wonder why this would be occuring?

 Gluten intolerant / allergies foods for a 3 yr old?
My 3 yr old son is in the process of being tested and for history purposes most all the kids on his dad's side have this intolerance - so in the meantime, while we wait for the tests -


 My mom is sick from wine?
so yesterday my mom drink some riunite wine and today she has a terrible ear ache! and a few months ago she drank some beer and got sick she was like throwing up all day and she got terribly sick.......

 Gluten free?
i need to buy desserts for thanksgiving, and i need gluten free things, where can i buy them around chicagoland area?...

 I am allergic to something in Pantene, it makes my neck break out...what could it be??
I love to have shiny hair...and Pantene is great at it, but it makes my neck and shoulders break out...what ingredient could it be that does this?...

 Husband allergic to cats!?
My hubby has really bad allergic reactions to cats. For the most part we are able to avoid contact with kitties, however, most of our friends own them unfortunately. We'd like to be able to go ...

 Can a person become allergic to coffee or sugar or cream combination?
My mouth seems to swell up inside from coffee. I don't know if it is the confectionary sugar, the coffee or the cream in the combination. I notice this most with instant coffee though....

 Major cat allergy question...?
Okay... I got a cat he is about 7 months old. He is a russian blue, and is EXTREMELY loveable!!! He comes to me every time I call him and loves to be petted. Ive only had him for about 2 1/2 weeks, ...

 Why am I allergic to shrimp?
Why am I allergic to shrimp? I never was when I was young. I'm 21 now, and I've always ate shrimp like it was no problem. But for the last year or so, the 2-3 times that I have had shrimp, I...

 Possible causes of dizziness?
I have been on and off dizzy for about a week now. It mainly happens when I am standing or sitting...when I am laying down I seem to be okay. I have also had on and off headaches for a long time ...

Are you allergic to things like perfume, cologne, hairspray?
I am allergic to these things and it makes it difficult dealing in certain situations. I have actually collapsed on a bus once because I could not escape the area.

How do you deal with this allergy day to day?
Additional Details
I will never understand why people have the need to soak themselves in some of this stuff

alex l
your not so much allergic to the things you mention as you are over sensitive to them .
no less a problem for you but there is a difference .
the thing is that although some places will post signs asking people not to wear perfume because a person like yourself is in and out of there in time the number of people that are overly sensitive to different chemicals scents will become too great for society to manage to support the requests.
you should consider a mask .

I am allergic to almost all perfumes, scented candles and scented lotions. In a society where people think its necessary to poor an entire bottle of smelly stuff on their bodies it is really hard to get away from it. The best thing you can do is try to avoid small closed in areas that lock in the scent and always keep benedryl or other forms on anti-histamines on hand to treat an allergic reaction quickly.

Good luck.

needs answers
Yes, perfumes and colognes bug me the most ,but Hairspray and laundry soups and other thing like that have any kind of sent ,bug me too. They make my sinuses swell & give me an head ack. I have had this problem all my life.


Nedra E
Yes I do find some odors or scents allergenic.

It would be advisable for you to carry a handkerchief so you can filter the air if there's a scent that is too strong. And then try to move to a different location (or part of the bus) so you don't have it so overpoweringly close to you.

don't wear perfume or certain kinds of makeup yourself.
you may have to tell your friends if their scent is too strong for you.

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