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 How pineapple n acne are related?
pineapplle is a fruit and acne is a skin disease....

 Does anyone out there get allergy shots?Are they working for you?
What are you allergic to?If you don't mind me asking....

 Do i have poison ivy?
two days ago i was in the woods and now i get a rash at night and get red blotches in certain areas on my skin.....it goes away by morning but it comes back at night....do i have poison ivy?...

 Major sinus problem?
Since the age of 12 I've had bad sinus problems. My whole head hruts and is stuffed up. I puke constantly to the point I'm sore all over. I can't even get out of bed.
Medication ...

 What bit me?
I have 15 huge, red, extremely itchy bites on only one of my thighs & my doctor thinks it might be flea bites; however, my grandparents are from the country (& have been bitten by everything) ...

 Is there any medication that stops allergens in dogs?
I am trying to find out if there is anything i can give my dog to stop the allergens or lessen the amount of allergens he produces. Does anyone know of a medication or an over the counter solution to ...

 My 8 yr old son suffers from stuffy nose breathes thru his mouth tosses and turns at night not sleeping well.?
Help! My eight year old son has seasonal allergies. Takes allergy medicine. He has chronic stuffy nose but he also has some discharge at times which is sometimes green. He breathes thru his ...

 Is there gluten in sprouted wheat?
And i'm talking about SPROUTED wheat not just wheat.

thanks in advance!...

 Can someone really be allergic to alcohol?
I used to love haveing a drink every now and then, well up untill I had my daughter. About 8 yrs ago I had a drink of some J.D. and my face turned blood red , hot to touch and itchy. I was told ...

 My husband has bad allergies and we live in a dusty windy place?
where it is hard for him to breathe especially on windy days. we bought a humidifier and use it at night but it only helps a little bit. can someone recommend something else that will help him ...

 Can a person die from eating food that is too spicy? Is there any known case of this happening?

 How can i only be allergic to one dog?
Just recently i have discovered that i am allergic to only one dog. A Shar-pei..

My dad works with animals for a living and i volunteer a lot of the time. I handled a Shar-pei and got an ...

 I have bad allergies, what helps?
I have rather bad allergies and suffer from sinus problems alot. I use zyrtec, a prescription nasal spray, and use a saline mist every morning. But every morning I wake up feeling pressure in my ...

 Severe Allergy reactions?
Why do i get swollen throats, feet, face and hands with allergy?
It always starts with an itch then the next thing i know the area starts to expand. The expantion happens even if i don't ...

 Should zyrtec and singulair be taken together?

 Is there anywhere that i can get an allergy test done?
Will the doctor do this if i ask, or is there anywhere else i can go? I think i definitely have a food allergy to something. I'm in the UK and willing to pay for it. Thanks....

 Why do coffee and chocolate make me sneeze?
I've had this (possible) allergy for as long as I can remember, but whenever I drink my morning coffee, and also whenever I eat chocolate (especially dark, bitter chocolate), I immediately start ...

 Why are peanut allergies so severe?
As compared to other types of allergic reactions....

 Why is it every time i am sick there are carrots when i dont like them and dont eat them?

 What does the doctor do when he sees a patient with allergy?
How does he treat them. Does he give medicine? Or just let it heal by itself and advice to discontinue eating whatever is giving the allergy?...

Are Goldenrod and Ragweed the same thing?
It's allergy season....and you hear alot about ragweed being one of the most troublesome allergens,I see alot of what I know to be Goldenrod along the roadsides but I have never had anyone show me what is known as Ragweed....I am thinking they are the same thing...what say you?

no they are not the same

They definitely are not the same plant. They are 2 of the most common allergens though.

They are definitely NOT the same. I only know this because I grew up on a farm and I went to school for Agriculture. If you look them up on the internet you should be able to find pictures of both.

Out here in Northern California we have mustard and fennel. I don't know anything about goldenrod or ragweed. However, get an allergy test from your dermatologist (get one of those to check your moles; I just had a mole turn into cancer this spring) to help you out. Luck!

What say me? I say, emphatically - No. Golden Rod is indeed gold, however Ragweed looks raggedy and is a light green color, rather nondescript. Two different species of plants (weeds).

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