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Anyone here allergic to vodka? What are your symptoms?

I wouldn't know. I don't drink alcohol because I don't want to ruin my life and be a complete loser. Thanks.

nope not allergic, but once I drank a whole fifth of vodka and got alcohol poisening.... just thought you should know....

julia P
i am not allergic...,i like vodka!;)

vicky l
i love vodka

Broken Soul (M.O.S) [mcrmy]
My symptons are that i become drunk.

I'm totally goofy (if you read my profile you'll see that) but I do work in health care......Did your neck seem the burn, or feel really
funny after you started to drink? That's a pretty good sign that a person has allergies to alcohol....Be careful drinking you could suffer anaphelectic shock.....It's not good that's what kills people.

Common Sense
I suppose that there are people who are allergic to alcohol but
it is pretty rare...

Fleur de Lis
People can be allergic to alcahol. If its only Vodka is could be they are allergic to potatoes.

yeah i'm terribly allergic to vodka. what happens is when i drink much of it i get dizzy, my vision goes to krap and i have a tendency to lose my balance. often slur my words.

Yes. When I drink alot of it I experience disorientation, slurred speech and blurred vision. The next day I experience dehydration and headaches.

I am not but I am allergic to dairy products.

Anyone that thinks they are should be checked to see if they are allergic to potatoes or wheat.

If it is the alcohol they are allergic to, that means all alcoholic drinks should be discontinued.

symtoms of being allergic to vodka.. hmmm.. prolly would be throwing it up after drinking too much of it.. gotta watch that.. drink in moderation.. water is also a clear substance .. with much better affects

The ~Muffin~ Man
Strange. If you're allergic to vodka (which is simply ethanol and water), then you should be allergic to any alcoholic beverage. I'd make sure that your "vodka" was good...alcohol can go bad over time.

First L

the morning after is ruff , you now kinda slow moving , and a sore head

I don't know if its an alergy but when my cousin drank vodka she got so hot she started rolling on the floor saying she was on fire, it was pretty funny at the time but even afterwards when she was sober she said it really did burn and she wouldn't drink it anymore

jefferson l
signs and symptoms are redness, appearance of rashes and itchiness...serious allergic reaction can be associated with breathing difficulty. all you need to do is go straight to the hospital..ASAP good luck..

Max K
um dizziness, slurred speech, vomiting. O wait its just being Drunk.

sukhwinder b
You will have vomiting, &other gastric trouble.Stop taking it. If very essensial take Red wine.

jules vane
Only to about a gallon at a time! Symptoms include "blowing chow'

I don't know if I'm really allergic, but every time I have vodka I get a lump in my throat....It feels like I have a whole cherry stuck in there.

Yes. I break out in spots. Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, L.A., Vancouver... I've got the West Coast pretty well covered.

My vision gets blurred, I slur my speech, my voice gets louder and I laugh too loudly at inappropriate times...sometimes if the exposure is too severe, I get violent followed by losing my keys and getting sick.

I knew somebody who was allergic to vodka...but then again she was allergic to all gluten (or wheat) based stuff. I got her some potato based vodka and she did just fine. Her stomach would become upset and the horrific bowel movents she had! Do yoo have problems with any other foods? It's probably not the vodka, but something the vodka is made with.

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