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Allergic to laundry Detergent?
I think I'm allergic to all laundry detergent...whenever i use it i get stuffed up...tired..and dizzy..anybody else get this?

its a common reaction, try organic soap

gareth o
had a Friend who had skin problems with all detergents he had to put all his clothes through 2 extra rinse cycles
or used e45 bubble bath to wash his clothes in
be careful though to much and it comes over the top

My brother but there is this special detergent that he uses which I dont remember now, just use one that has no perfumes and stuff like that.

i'm allergic to some. i mostly get really itchy though and sneeze. the detergent i've found that works for me is "Purex" from walmart

I get hives when I use a certain kind of laundry detergent, but I also have been really dizzy from it too. I don't know why that is though.

I am allergic to laundry detergent colors and scents i have a similar reaction plus a rash so I use Baby detergent it is really trial and error so I suggest buying small bottles good luck finding your right detergent

My son gets eczema from laundry detergents. The ones that he can tolerate are Tide Free and Zote.

I don't personally have this problem, but hava a friend who is allergic to most household cleaners, including laundry soaps. You can try to use Oxy Powder, Baking Soda, Dawn dishsoap or a combination of them. Also, there are some hypo-allergenic laundry detergents.
I hope you find something that works well.

It is a common problem. Just reading all the answers shows that people are not paying attention to what we are using on our skin. I would think about shopping where you can read the ingredients! My son's allergies went away when we went non-toxic!

I am allergic to Tide but not any other detergents i know of. I don't know what ingredient it is, i just avoid Tide and i know others who have claimed to be allergic to Tide. I use All free and clear. It just makes me itchy though but it's been years since i've used it. I wouldn't think that dizzy would normaly be part of an allergic reaction. A rash would be more common.

luckily for those of us allergic there are more options recently. I use All Dye Free or Tide has one, bounce has a fabric softener called "Bounce Free". Dreft is another but it's the same as the allergy free stuff and they are less expensive.

Have you tried unscented? I would try using the baby detergent- since most babies are allergic to regular scented detergent- good luck!

My mother has the same thing except she doesn't get dizzy but itchy and starts a rash. We figured out it was due to the perfume smell in the detergent. We now use Tide original, it doesn't smell at all but still does the job of washing your clothes well!

Worth a shot. Good luck!

Wicked Good
Have you tried Dreft or Soapworks? That and Soapworks is the only kinds that I can use. And I have to put it through a double rinse or I break out in hives. I haven't heard of anyone getting tired or dizzy though. I have found that Tide is the worst for me. I actually have to go to the ER as my airway actually was swelling closed when I tried it.

Dreft is a baby detergent and it's actually a laundry soap so it doesn't contain the enzymes that the other detergents have.The Soap Works laundry soap contains no detergents, phosphates or enzymes and it's Organic. Usually it's the phosphates, enzymes or added fragrance that sets people's allergies off.

Also are you using fabric softner or dryer sheets this can be a problem as well, although I haven't heard of anyone getting tired or dizzy from it again usually it's itching or hives. For your allergy problems, you should use a cup of white vinegar in your final rinse cycle, instead of using fabric softener sheets in the dryer. It has to be white vinegar though not the other kind.

allergy to detergent would generally casue itching and a rash on your body from the clothes washed in it. Try one without added fragrances.

i love k
You could possibly be. Try the laundry detergent for babies clothes. That is what my sister uses on her hubby's clothes.

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