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 Hi-I'm a single dad and want to know if my year old daughter's Lactose-Allergy is permanent or temporary?
A few months after my wife passed away last year (I've been raising my children myself since then-My son is 7 and my daughter is 13 months ) I noticed that my daughter has more than the usual ...

 How long does it take to get rid of hives?
Broke out in hives tuesday went to er.. got a shot of adrenaline and was put on prednisone. Still have hives. Not sure why. Doctor says food allergy, but I have not eaten anything new. Hives are less ...

 Rash all over body (not too much over face thank God)?
I have a rash all over my body (mostly my arms) and it is making me insane! I believe it could be a food allergy or becuase I had a stomach flu a few days ago. My biggest question: HOW DO I MAKE THE I...

 What could cause me to not be able to keep food down?
lately everytime i eat i start to feel sick. And after a few minutes i have to go to the bathroom to throw up. I dont' intentionally do it and I can't seem to figure out what is causing ...

 Is it shampoo allergy?
I started to have this unusual rush in my upper body, my head, neck and shoulders after taking a bath, then i switched my bodysoap and i still had it, i realized it was the shampoo becuase one day I ...

 My eye is really swollen?
i touched my cat then my eye by accident last night and its really swollen now.how can i get rid or reduce the swelling before going out later?...

 I have a hole in my septum...?
Due to mis-spent teenage years doing large amounts of cocaine and then picking my nose a lot, i have a large hole quite high up in my septum. It whistles in a cold wind. I have given up hope of it ...

 Is it tru that?
is it tru that all the peopl that live in the scenter of the earth can never com up bc they r alergic 2 the sun???...

 Had a cold and blew my nose real hard now my ears are clogged?
any suggestion to unclogged them...............

 Are you deathly allergic to anything? And how do you cope?
I'm allergic to all nuts except peanuts but I don't take my chance with those either. If I ingest nuts, I go into apoplectic shock and have just over a half an hour to get to a hospital ...

 My Left Nostril Is Clogged !!!?
I know this sounds like a normal blow your nose type of deal but its not. i have had a clogged left nostril for 4 or 5 years and never really payed attention until now. When i do blow nose i hold the ...

 When i help my daughter to stop her nose bleeds she gets big clots. when she pulls them her nose bleeds heavi

 What are the risks of buying meds online? i.e Zyrtec?

 I have a problem with wheat but some food I ate had flour but I had no problem. Is this possible?
One restaurant lied about not using flour as a thickener. They had two branches and the other branch said both used flour, always. I also eat spring rolls at a buffet and I thought the wrapper was ...

 Do bloody noses come form working outdoors in hot weather?
doing labor type work outdoors in very hot weather seems to cause a bloody nose for a short period of time for my husband, is it just the weather? It has only happened twice....

 I found out I'm allergic to gluten. Can I drink alcohol?
I know beer is a no-go. Can I drink hard liquor or wine?...

 Do fleas like cheese?

 I've been prescribe "metaformin" does anyone know the side effects of the medication?

 Have you ever tried the power of apple cider vinegar to reduce allergy?
I'd like to try however need more inputs coz I once had hepatitis A during a trip to a tropical country (now fully recovered). Also having a bit of problem with my ulcer makes me wonder if ...

 How can I make my throught not sound scratchy by tomorrow?
I have a major talent show tomorrow and my throught feels terrible! This talent show is so important to me, and I am up agenst a super talented girl named Mikki Hankins. She is on YouTube, just ...

Jennifer A
Allergic reaction to McDonalds food?
My husband has had 2 allergic reactions in 2 years from eating McDonalds food. Has anyone else had that happen? He had 2 different things both times he went.

I've never heard of it, but it's probably a good thing.

Nope, it gotta be specific ingriedent like flour or something.

Mac Attack
Considering that the oil the fries are cooked in is rancid, its no wonder. My daughter and I both have huge reactions after eating a medium fries, we don't eat any junk foods, after 1/2hr of injesting this so-called food (its not even made from potato) we were ready to kill each other. These and many more reactions can be obtained from this food source. I still like to call them MCDEATH!

im not allowed some McDonalds foods as they have sesame seeds, so this may be the problem, although to be best it may be a good idea to visit and allergy clinic, tell them what your husband ate both times and then they can try and find a link between the two. however in the meantime it may be a good idea to steer clear of McDonlads.♥

Yes. It was my first experience with North American food...Though not at McDonald's, it was a hamburger and fries.

Fast foods cooked for speed and convenience are deep fried in oils which are used many times. We are literally eating everything in the air and having it hard-cooked right into our foods, and inviting this into our digestive system where the immune system draws it's nutrients and is the basis for our health.

These "fast" foods compromise our immune systems, are toxic, and will over time, lead to general ill health if eaten often. Poison makes us ill. The body speaks a sometimes more than subtle language, and I hope you've heard and understood it does not like nor can it fight off poisonous food.

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