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Mrs. Nezbit
What Valentines treats can I give my class if one child has Celiac disease?
I would like to give my two-three year old preschool class a yummy treat, but one child has Celiac disease. What candy treat can I pass out on Valentines Day?


a child with celiac disease can't eat gluten. We can find gluten mainly in wheat.

My 3 year-old has celiac disease and doesn't like chocolate. We give her Dum-Dum's and Skittles for treats. Wal-Mart has a store brand fruit "Smilies" that are marked Gluten-Free. Both my kids really like those. If it is a small class and you want something more substantial, EnviroKidz Crispy Rice Bars are good. My girls prefer the berry flavor to the peanut butter. Don't buy off brands because the parents won't likely give it to the child - I know I wouldn't. Best bet is to look for items that are marked "Gluten-Free" rather than trying to decipher the labels yourself. Gluten can be hidden in many ingredients such as "Natural or Artificial Flavors."

I'm not familiar with the disease but you should ask the parent if it is okay for their child to eat chocolate.

doll baby
Here's a website for some gluten-free recipes:

You may find something to make for them.
Other than that... fruit.
If you give chocolate, make sure it is not made with gluten or from a plant where other products are also made with wheat.

Like the other person said, just ask the mom what the child can have.

olympics junkie
Choose a treat that doesn't involve food. They have all kinds of little things for sale at the dollar stores. Just don't single out the Celiac child--I'm sure he feels different enuf already. Kids don't need more food anyway!!

K. F
Check out the ingredients in these, but I think you can give out jelly beans, gum drops, gummy worms, etc.

You CANNOT give out malt balls. A person with celiac disease cannot eat anything that contains wheat, barley, or rye (or any of their derivatives).

You might want to contact the parents and check with them. They'll know what is appropriate. They might not want to take the risk of anyone else giving their child food and will offer to make up an appropriate treat bag for you so your student won't feel left out.

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