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Nathan D
If you break your neck and die do you feel pain?
my aunt die b'c she fell and broke here neck I was just wondering if she felt any pain or suffering from it?

Katrina Barrett
Ummm im sorry but no1 can probably answer this question unless they broke their neck and SURVIVED. Ur question was "if you break your neck and DIE do you feel pain?" well if ur dead u cant answer this question. lol

it depends on where in the neck it was broken. as a general rule, anything above c-4 is lethal (because at that point, the innervation to heart and lungs is interrupted -- and if you have no innervation to those areas, they do not work....)
any other area, could leave you a quad, para, hemi plegic and YES you could have pain...
Now, think of trampoline with an association to broken necks...

Well if you broke your neck & then died right after, no, you wouldn't feel any pain since your dead. But if you died a while after breaking your neck, I would think it would be painful.

If she broke her neck, probably not. If there was any pain, it was probably just for seconds. I don't think she suffered, if that's what you're asking.

late appointment
may be you need to ask somebody who has died because of broken neck!!!!!!!!!

I am sure it hurt really bad. I am sorry for your loss.

I hope not for her sake but at least it wasn't a long painful experience.

my guess is yeah, but only she knows for sure. I think it also depends on how soon she died.

Im sure briefly you do but I guess it really depends on how bad the break is.

I'm sure it would be a quick jolt of pain, probably went into shock then and didnt feel anything.

It depends, if the fall was from a high enough place that her neck just "snapped" then it was instantaneous death and she felt nothing.

If she fell and fractured her neck and tried to move and then snapped her spinal cord- she felt pain from the fall until she tried to move at which time death would finally occur.

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